Burnt popcorn and stale couch no more! Movies are BIG and back!

I couldn't have thought of a better film to personally welcome myself and my son, Leo back to the BIG Screen Movie SCENE at Marcus Theatres then the broadway musical In The Heights! It was SOOOO AMAZING! Whether you are a musical kinda person or not, the story alone is worth the few bucks!

Speaking of few bucks, Marcus Theatres has, of course, MAGICAL REWARDS, that is free to join online at Marcus Theatres. You are already going to see one or more of the awesome movies this summer at Marcus Theatres anyway, so why not get free AND discounted stuff while you're at it! Plus $5 Ticket Tuesdays, Special Summer Cinema fun for the kids and both Seniors and students get the great deals!

Judi & Leo Go to Marcus Theatres

My review is simple AMAZING! AND Marcus Theatres were soooo clean and sanitary and it just felt like I was coming home and it was a pre-pandemic world again! THAT's what makes movies so great! The ability to disappear in an entire other world! So GO TO THE MOVIES! Summer theatre is busting with great hits to come and I'll be having reviews for you! What movie will you see first at Marcus Theatres? Comment below and .. "I'll see YOU at the movies!" - Judi


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