“I may be short, but I got a big mouth” – Judi

Judi is a Mother, (daughter Shira and son Leo),  a Daughter (Dad from England, Mom a Jewish Cowgirl from Wyoming) Sister (the youngest of four, 2 boy 1 girl) and friend (she is a friend to all unless they are mean).

Originally from L.A., she got into the “biz” young, and has felt blessed to parlay her creativity and talents into film, television, radio and digital media locally and nationally. 

Upbeat, free-Spirited open & optimistic, Judi looks to the positive with an attitude for gratitude in her heart. Judi loves to connect by sharing her life stories,  especially all her imperfections and flaws, to inspire others and empower them to embrace their own inner beauty,  just as they are. 

Judi believes in all things magical, and blames her sometimes mischiveious behaviour on being part leprechaun (she can pull some friendly pranks on co-workers and friends).

Judi is a passionate supporter of community outreach programs such as YMCA, St. Baldricks, Girl Scouts, and SLOCCA to name a few.

Thank you for your “Ears”! - Judi