Billy's wife Melissa got ZYIA - Inspired, and could not be happier!

ZYIA Active with Melissa Greenwood - Independent Representative (who also happens to be the wife of my iHeartRadio Morning Show Co-Host, Billy Greenwood) has found a career that she loves while still enjoying the freedom to stay at home with her two boys, Jack and Max. I wanted to chat with Melissa about ZYIA and how it compares to other MLM's (Multi-level marketing) type companies because there's been so much bad press on so many of them. She seemed to be doing so well and I did buy from her and did not get any push to be a rep for the company. I don't want too, as I have a full-time job that is WAY more than a typical 8 hour day. The fact that I could simply order from Melissa without feeling any pressure to "host or sell or become a rep" from her already told me some positive things about ZYIA. So take a look and listen to our chat and if you've been also successful with ZYIA or perhaps have had bad experiences with less-reputable companies as a Rep, comment below and if interested (I am not getting any money or even free clothes for this, just an FYI!) get in touch with Melissa on her Zyia Active Facebook Page!

Again, I am not getting any compensation or freebies! I've been doing a podcast series (SUBSCRIBE HERE) that I began for Women's International Day in March (21') and was so inspired by empowered women I decided to continue the series. Melissa inspired me and I love being able to share her story! P.S. If you are or know of an inspiring female message me or leave a comment below, I'm always looking for inspiring guests! THANK YOU AND - Namaste'-Well! - judi