The Mooch Movie? Anthony Scaramucci Documentary Coming This Fall

Anthony Scaramucci had a short stint at the White House, but a documentary about him has actually been in the works for years. 

Filmmaker Andrew Muscato, who also worked on Bobby Valentine's documentary, The Zen of Bobby V, has been following "The Mooch" around on and off for the last four years. 

"Let's just say, the events of the last two weeks aren't completely out of character," Muscato tells 710 WOR New York's Len Berman and Todd Schnitt.

Muscato and The Mooch got in touch some years ago through Valentine, a former manager of the New York Mets and Boston Redsox.

"Anthony, I always thought was an interesting kind of creature of Wall Street, who I thought, through a film, I could kind of introduce to the world. But recently he kind of pre-empted me and introduced himself."

The director says the most recent footage he has of Scaramucci was from just before July 4, 2017. Although Muscato has no footage of The Mooch at work at the White House, he indicates the American public has only scratched the surface of who the colorful Scaramucci is as a person. 

"Anthony's kind of been Anthony before he hooked up with Trump and I think he's going to continue to be the same guy after; I don't think he's going anywhere."

Muscato says he hopes to get out the film "as soon as possible," probably this fall.

Listen to the full interview below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images