Martha attended NYU, where she worked at WNYU, the college station. She was the former intern for a major radio station in NY when she got the call to interview for a new venture, a cable channel called MTV.  Martha was hired two days later and the rest is history.  Her presence on MTV ran through 1991. She followed this up with a variety of TV appearances. She joined Ed McMahon as a co-host for Star Search in 1994. She was also a featured spokesperson for Neutrogena in the mid-1990’s. Now you can find her mornings on iHeart80s@103.7!!

Rolling Stone magazine readers voted her “MTV’s Best-Ever VJ”. Allure Magazine refers to the ‘80s decade as "the Martha Quinn years". In 2007, Quinn lent her name, face and voice to The '80s Game with Martha Quinn', a PC trivia game.