Just for the Hack of It Ep.1

Just For The Hack Of It Life Hacks Ep. 1

Here are some of the "Just For The Hack of It" Life Hacks from the Billy and Judi show. I will try to update at least weekly with all of the links I talk about on the show. If you have any hacks to share, please comment and you'll get credit! Speaking of credit, PLEASE check out the amazing links below for the full details of the lifehacks and also check out my own son, Leo Diamant's music as he is letting me use his for free (does paying for his college count?). Thanks for loving music and especially from my son who is studying music at Boston University, so give them some love too! - Judi

Sources: LifeHacker.Com Elizabeth Yuko (There you will find tips that she gives on getting rid of the critters too!). Google Flight Tracker

"We Are All" Original music words/lyrics by Leonardo Jack Diamant

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