It's like getting teeth pulled trying to find the perfect dentist!

I, like so many people, have a fear of dentists. Or I should say, USED to have a fear. Actually, I'll say this: I HATED going to the dentist so much, that I just wouldn't go ! Here's my confession: "Forgive me father for I have sinned. It had been five years since my last dental visit". FIVE YEARS!

So, when my I started to get a toothache on one side of my mouth, then I broke a crown on the OTHER side, I knew I could not put it off any longer. Alas! But I had no dentist because the one I used to go to retired. But that was no excuse! My fear, you see, overruled my need. My fear used to be so bad that I would choose going to the Gyno over a dentist any day!

It was my son, Leo, who said "Mom, just go to my dentist he's great. That's where dad goes". Of course me being, well, me was stubborn at first not wanting to find out that my ex had found a great dentist and didn't tell me. Ah, but that's another story. I finally listened to my son, and went. Now this is going to sound crazy but it's true. It was the MOST relaxing 3 hours in a dentists chair I've ever spent?

Meet Dr. John Pastorek, DMD of Highway K Dental Care, in O'fallon, Missouri. A smart, kind, cutting edge and funny dentist who not only did an amazing job, but he and his staff make sure that you are comfortable at all times. They have all this high tech stuff I didn't even know existed with Dentistry so it made getting (I kid you not) 2 (or was it 3?) crowns and a cavity re-done! So, I have my right side done and next visit will be the left side. I thought for SURE I was going to need like 3 root canals, but Dr. P. saved my teeth and my sanity.

P.S. This is not a paid endorsement nor did I get any discount or freebies here. I just want to pass on to anyone in need of a dentist as I had a great experience with a local dentist who happened to take good care of me as did his staff. Thanks to Highway K Dental Care for making me not afraid of the big bad dentist anymore! P.S. DO NOT put off getting your chompers taken care of. More people have cancers relating to their mouth that could be prevented than most any other cancers! Here's the info: Highway K Dental Dr. John Pastorek (636) 240-0232

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