Why It's Ok Not to be OK, and leaving "normal" behind

Joel Frieders with "Hope For The Day"

Joel visits with Judi about the importance of mental well being for everyone and how we all need to be okay with NOT being okay! It's time to erase the stigma of Mental Illness and ways to get free counseling and help. Hope for the Day (HFTD) is a non-profit movement empowering the conversation on proactive suicide prevention and mental health education.

Mental Health. Suicide Prevention. Counseling. Politician?

Joel Frieders was not cut out to be in politics, so he got out. Which is a good thing, considering he now works with Hope For the Day an awesome organization helping people all over the world get mental help. Joel isn't a "touchy - feely" unicorn-loving rainbow "everything is wonderful" kind of guy. That being said, it's exactly why he can reach people, maybe you, who really need help, but can't relate to the "mindfulness" movement. Joel is raw, real and straight to the point. Joel Frieders with "Hope For The Day" . And if you need help, you can go directly to the website: Hope For The Day Website at this highlight or TEXT 741741 for immediate free help! Please know you have people that care about you! Thank you!


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