"I don't want this tattoo!"Should she change it or remove it? Advice 4 Judi

This was Judi Diamonds first tattoo. She was going through a really difficult time in her life with a divorce and suddenly being a single mom. Getting the tattoo she did (see the images below) was very cathartic for her.

But NOW, she doesn't want to re-live that time any more. The Tattoo has served it's purpose and she doesn't want to look at it anymore. SO this bodes the quesition: Should Judi have it completely removed, OR do you have any suggestiions for a "metap\morphis{ of change to take on? Thanks for any advice for Judi!

judi wants this gone! It was her first tattoo and she got it after her divorce. Now it reminds her of a time that she is SO over, and she wants to either get it removed or change it. What should she do? ADVICE?


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