Affliction of Addiction: True stories from the addicts themselves.

Episode 1: "Affliction of Addiction": Meet Louise, you'd never knew she is an addict. Her raw and gripping story is one of courage and hope. She's only 28, and has been through hell and back. Listen to "Louise's" journey of addiction in the podcast link below**

**Warning: This podcast is raw and real and so contains some graphic content and language. Names changed to protect privacy.**

Affliction of Addiction: True Stories of addiction

Intelligent, well-rounded, likeable, considerate, witty, clean, ambitious, compassionate, down-to-earth, dedicated, courteous, athletic, well brought up, trustworthy, helpful, popular, agreeable, happy:


You never knew. Addiction is everywhere and could be anyone. Your best friend, mother, teacher, sister, father, co-worker, brother, boss, your kid. You.

Who is an addict? You’re about to find out. These are the real stories from addicts themselves. Real lives, their setbacks and triumphs. This is not fiction, or some television drama. These are the true stories from ones who have lived through it and are courageous enough to open up their lives and share their stories.

From addiction to recovery and everything in-between. The hell. The hope. The truth of: “The Infliction of addiction”.

In Episode one we meet "Louise". An average midwest young woman raised in an upper-middle class suburb. The hell she went through and how she got to the other side to recovery..

If you need help, or know someone who does, or just want someone to talk too, you are not alone, and you are VALUED! Please click on any of the resource links below:

Preferred Family Healthcare has programs for adults and adolescents:

PreventEd, 314-962-3456 has adolescent and adult programs along with self-assessments:

St. Louis Alcoholics Anonymous website with a list of virtual meetings

Narcotics Anonymous virtual meeting information/

SAMHSA's Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator

Facebook group Recoverers and Discoverers

Facebook group: Dry Society STL