Fear of The Game Air Hockey and Other Strange Phobias

Today's Billy & Judi Podcast 2.20.2020 is all about our strange little (some not so little) phobias. We thought Billy's phobia of Air Hockey (yea, that table game!) was strange, but his was nothing compared to what you'll hear on the show today!

Strangest Phobias

It started as a conversation off-air with Judi telling Billy since he's in a new place with a lot of room, he should get an Air Hockey table! That's when Judi found out he has a strange phobia of Air Hockey. It has nothing to do with the chance of being hit by a flying disc (ever happen to you?). He just is afraid of how fast the game goes and a bit of a loss of control. Judi has a major phobia of opening a can of Pillsbury rolls, and she is definitely not alone if you see the youtube video below!

Patty is afraid of Manhole covers (she walks around them), Marsha is afraid of Pit Toilets (you may know them as port-a-potties), and Linda has a phobia of actors getting their haircut during a movie?! After you get a chance to listen to the podcast, we wanna know what your strange phobia is (if you dare to share!)

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