Nails & Cocktails! A Redhead, a Blonde & a Mom Walk Into A (nail) Bar...

Check out EXO Nail Bar and Lounge in Billy’s home town Edwardsville. I met up with his wife Melissa and Mother Frieda and I wasnt’t expecting such elegance and fun and affordable!


This Upscale Nail Bar Exo Bar & Lounge is amazing and although high class and upscale, very affordable! The same price I've paid for services in regular salons! Perfect gift for Valentines Day for any woman or man in your life! Btw, I am not getting paid for this nor did I get anything discounted or free. (They should, for how much I'm talking about them! lol). BUT, seriously great place and they are working on opening a huge fenced in patio in time for summer and live music. They do have live music already in the lounge, so next time you're in Edwardsville,IL or better yet, go out of your way a bit to get here sooner and check it out for yourself! Exo Nail Bar and Lounge is truly a beautiful experience you should spoil yourself with because you deserve it!

Judi Diamond

Judi Diamond

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