Surprise! Billy Did It Anyway Even Though Judi Said NOOOO!

If you happen to have kids, you know that if you say something like "Junior, now do not spill that milk!", children inherently drop the negative and instead hear "Junior, spill the milk!". Well, I should've known Billy really still is quite the little boy and when I said "Billy, I don't celebrate my birthday", what he heard was "Billy, Celebrate my birthday"!


SO, much to my surprise, I was greeted with a "Happy Birthday" live videoupon entering the studio (which can see at the Bill & Judi Facebook page), which was embarrassing to say the least! BUT, he also redeemed himself by bringing a bunch of the best chocolate chip birthday cookies EVER from his amazing and beautiful wife, Melissa! AND, that's not ALL folks! He KNEW I wanted to have our very own KLOU Studio Keurig Machine and was going to get it this weekend (after we got paid), but : TADA! He gifted it to me today, so now our KLOU studio will have coffee that we actually like! AND we also have a difficult Google Buster on this episode, so try and see if you can figure it out! - Judi

Judi Diamond

Judi Diamond

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