How To Eyebrows Makeover Request

My mom asked me for help, so here it is! Tada! Eyebrows Tutorial from yours truly ;).


My mom ALWAYS had the best eye brows and I was always jealous! She was a brunette, but is now grey. I am a natural redhead, and although I have eyebrows that are similar to my mothers perfectly shaped ones, they are almost invisible because they are sooo light! So I’ve been doing my own brows for years, and now that my mom has gone grey, she requested I help her with a “How To” video. (She’s not very good at FaceTime, and she lives 1800 miles away!). I figured I’d put up the video for anyone who might get a tip or two from it! Thanks for watching and you are beautiful! With or Without makeup! :). Oh, and btw, I am NOT PAID by any of the companies nor did I receive any thing free. I just wanted to do this for my mom! :). But I will say, everything I used I got at pharmacy beauty shops and at inexpensive prices. You don’t have to be rich to have great products! Thanks again!

Judi Diamond

Judi Diamond

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