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Jazmine Barnes Murder Suspect Makes Court Appearance As Second Suspect Is Questioned - 

Eric Black, Jr. was in court yesterday to face charges on the death of a 7-year-old girl.

The Harris County, Texas D.A. says Black was the driver of the getaway car and didn’t pull the trigger in the death of Jazmine Barnes. Deputies say Black explained he thought they'd targeted someone from a previous night's bar brawl and that he drove.

The second suspect in the murder still hasn't been formally charged. He’s identified as 24-year-old Larry Woodruffe and has a lengthy criminal history. He’s expected in court tomorrow.

Both suspects are in the Harris County jail. Black is being held without bond. Woodruffe is being held on a 100-thousand-dollar bond for a drug possession charge.

Jazmine’s mother, who was wounded in the shooting, is recovering in a hospital. The girl’s father says there’s closure, but no peace thanks to the arrests.

Source: CBS News

American Suspected Of Fighting For ISIS Is Captured By Kurdish Forces - 

Kurdish rebels in Syria have reportedly captured a former Fort Bend, Indiana substitute teacher who was fighting for ISIS.

The Syrian Democratic Forces reported on Sunday that 34-year-old Warren Clark, who uses the name Abu Mohammad al-Ameriki, was captured along with five other foreign ISIS supporters, including another American.

Kurdish forces took them into custody during an operation to root out a group of terrorists supposedly planning attacks on civilians fleeing the war zone. Clark graduated from the University of Houston just over ten years ago and was a substitute ESL teacher in Fort Bend for more than a year. He wanted to teach English to ISIS fighters.

At least 64 Americans from 16 states have traveled to Iraq and Syria since 2011 to join jihadi groups.

Source: Stars And Stripes

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: White House Says IRS Can Issue Tax Refunds

Many feared that they wouldn't get their tax refunds due to the government shutdown, but the White House took action on Monday to make sure that's not the case. The Trump administration directed the IRS to issue tax refunds that are due, bucking past legal precedent.

During previous administrations and as late as last year, the IRS said it wouldn't pay out tax refunds while a government shutdown was in progress. However, on Monday, lawyers for the Trump administration said that refunds could be issued, though some Democrats questioned the legality of such a move.

Though some might think it's too early to even think about filing their taxes, others are anxious to get their refunds. Between January 29th and March 2nd of last year, the IRS distributed more than $147 billion in tax refunds to 48.5 million taxpayers.

Source: The Washington Post)


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