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The Gateway Arch’s new museum and visitor’s center is in the running to be named “Best New Attraction” by USA Today’s 10Best


DONALD TRUMP: Inauguration Spending and Donations Under Investigation

There's another federal investigation related to Donald Trump. This one is looking into the possibility that his 2017 inaugural committee inappropriately spent portions of the record-setting $107 million it collected from donations, according to those who know about the probe.  The New York Times reports that investigators are looking at possible illegal contributions from Middle East nations, including Saudi Arabia. Corruption laws prohibit donations in trade for political favors. Also, taking funds from the organization, which is classified as a non-profit, could be considered illegal. (The Wall Street Journal)

Firm Paid Millions To Hire Border Agents Fails To Hire -

 An Inspector General’s report is ripping into a contractor tasked with hiring border patrol agents.

Customs and Border Protection awarded a hiring bit to Accenture Federal Services for the hiring of 75-hundred agents. It hired two. The audit shows Accenture got paid 13.6 million dollars of a 297 million dollar contract.

The IG is demanding immediate action, according to the report. It turns out the staffing company was mainly using the resources and tools of the CBP and not its own. CBP also bent over backwards for Accenture, even paying them when they couldn’t confirm how a potential hire was recruited.

The IG report says "Without addressing the issues we have identified, CBP risks wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on a hastily approved contract that is not meeting its proposed performance expectations."

For its part CBP says they contract has been a “challenge.”

 Source: NPR


Eating out is busting our budgets … and our waistlines. A survey by Fidelity found that eating out too often was the biggest financial mistake people made last year. 29 percent of Americans (up from 26 percent last year) said eating out was the top budget buster for them this year. And eating out a lot is not just hurting our bank accounts --  it’s affecting our waistlines as well. When we eat out we scarf down an average of 200 more calories than when we eat at home, according to a study published by Public Health Nutrition. (Market Watch

Speaking of breaking the budget … A new survey by found that the average Millennial will spend $518 on gifts this holiday season … and 56 percent say they are likely to overspend on gifts this year. (Bustle

’Tis the season to curl up by the fire … and smell fried chicken? KFC is selling a firelog that will make your house smell like fried chicken. No joke. The KFC 11 Herbs and Spices Firelog is available for $18.99 on (The Daily Meal

So Christmas tree brows are a thing … Yep, now you can make your eyebrows as festive as the rest of you this holiday season. Check out #christmastreebrows on Instagram.  (Elite Daily

In search of a unicorn … According to Google’s “The Year in Search,” the most searched for food of 2018 was “Unicorn Cake.”  Hold on … googling ... “What is Unicorn Cake?” (The Daily Meal

There’s A Motorized Scooter Safety Study Underway -

 A federal study is underway on the health risks of motorized scooters.

The light scooters have become a popular mode of transportation in urban areas, but critics claim scooter riders ignore traffic rules and put pedestrians in danger by driving on sidewalks. Now the first-ever scooter study is underway in Austin, Texas.

The CDC is investigating the circumstances that lead to scooter crashes, and is focusing its study on EMS calls and emergency-room data. The study's results will be released in the spring, and could lead to new rules for scooter riders.

Motorized scooters exploded onto the scene in 2016 and are becoming popular for commuters and tourists alike. 

Source: USA Today


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