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*Sunny today high 54


*Local police are reminding us that many purses and wallets are stolen during the holidays. Especially if you put your purse in the shopping cart while shopping.  It takes a thief one second to steal it when you turn the other way.  Always keep your purse closed and on you while shopping. 



Forecast Rain Could Help AND Hurt Firefighters In California - 

Rains are on the way today over Northern California.  That could provide relief to firefighters battling the deadly Camp Fire. It could also bring flash floods as three-to-six inches drench the area, making things dangerous for fire crews and displaced survivors in temporary shelters. The Camp Fire has burned through more than 150-thousand acres, destroying thousands of homes and leaving at least 84 dead.

The rains could end the fire risk for the rest of the season but could make finding remains of any more victims difficult. The ash covering the Paradise area will turn to a pasty texture that will make it harder to sift through. Over 800 people are still reported missing.Source: Los Angeles Times

Senator Bob Corker Blasts Trump Over Saudi Involvement in Journalist’s Death - 

Republican Senator Bob Corker has been a vocal opponent of Donald Trump and he’s kicked it up a notch. Yesterday, he took to Twitter to blast the president for supporting the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia in the death of a Saudi journalist living in the US. I never thought I’d see the day a White House would moonlight as a public relations firm for the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.”

But there’s more… Corker is the powerful chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Commission and it appears, at least by Corker’s latest tweet, that he plans on using the full force of that position to force Trump to “report to the committee with a determination and a decision on the imposition of sanctions. “

Since the CIA and other entities have determined the Crown Prince has involvement in Jamal Khashoggi’s death, it’ll be a slippery slope for Trump if he continues to back Saudi Arabia. 

Source: The Hill


NASA's Mars InSight Lander Set For Touchdown -

 After a nearly 300-million-mile journey spanning more than six months, a new NASA probe is set to touch down on Mars next week.

The Mars InSight lander will be NASA's first attempt at landing on Mars since the Curiosity rover's nerve-wrecking attempt in 2012, which was characterized as "seven minutes of terror." Seven minutes before it reaches the top of Mars' atmosphere, the InSight lander will be released from the spacecraft, descending 70 miles for about six minutes. The InSight lander will be the first to study the red planet's deep interior.Source: Popular Science


*The Blues take on the Predators tonight!

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