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Shop 'n Save has been in St. Louis since 1979 but now it is no more, the deadline was yesterday for a buyer to purchase the 14 remaining stores that were not purchased by Schnucks.  No one stepped up so the last day of business for those was yesterday. The grocery chain employed nearly 3,000 people.




Ten days after it began, the Camp fire -- now considered California’s worst wildfire ever -- was still only 60-percent contained. It has burned 149,500 acres and more than 12,790 structures. The death toll in the Northern California blaze reached 76 Saturday. More than 1,275 people are still unaccounted for. Adding to the area's woes, air quality is terrible and poses a public health hazard. On the hopeful side, weather forecasters are expecting a substantial rainfall in the area by Wednesday, which would be a huge help to those fighting the fire.

Tijuana Residents Protest Against Migrant Caravan - 

Local residents in the border city of Tijuana, Mexico are marching in protest of the migrant caravan heading the U.S.

They were seen chanting and waving the Mexican flag yesterday in a show of opposition to the arrival of a caravan of mainly Central Americans seeking asylum. The Tijuana residents marched to a migrant shelter in the town, continuing days of hostility between the two groups.

Many of the protesters blame the Mexican president for the easy crossing by parts of the caravan.

Central American migrants began trickling into the Mexican border city as early as last Sunday, but the conflict with locals in Tijuana didn't kick off until Thursday when the bulk of the caravan arrived.

Source: NBC News

Another Child At NJ Facility Dies Of Adenovirus - 

An eleventh child has died from a deadly virus that has run through a pediatric rehabilitation center in Wanaque, [[ wa-na-cue ]] New Jersey.

State health officials say the adenovirus has infected a total of 34 children at the center. The patients at the facility have compromised immune systems. The virus broke out last month, and health official had hoped it was over.

A report, however, cites not being able to separate the sick children from the healthy caused the outbreak. Inspections of the facility, which has seen many of the virus patients head to hospitals, is now able to separate the patients.

Symptoms of adenovirus usually include sore throats, pneumonia, diarrhea and pink eye. Health officials have halted new admissions to the facility until further notice.

Source: CNN


FDA: Babies Should Never Be Given Honey Filled Pacifiers -

Parents and caregivers are being reminded by the Food and Drug Administration not to give infants pacifiers with honey in them.

The warning comes after four babies in Texas came down with botulism from pacifiers containing honey that were bought in Mexico. Botulism is a serious illness that can lead to difficulty breathing, paralysis and even death in some cases. Health officials say children under 12 months should never be given honey because of the bacteria it contains.

It’s unknown what company is selling the pacifiers. 

Source: ABC Action News


*If you want to avoid the rush you should head out today, because Tuesday and Wednesday are going to be the worst. If you don’t have far to go, driving Thanksgiving Day is your best bet.


*There's a big announcement coming from the Cards today!  The Cardinals tweeted out a picture of Ozzie doing his iconic flip at the 1985 World Series.  The tweet said, "A big announcement is coming soon, you`re gonna flip."  Some fans are guessing it has to do with the blue uniform that was photo shopped on Ozzie in the pic but it could be anything! 

*The Blues won on Friday, lost on Saturday and they play tonight at 7pm against the L.A. Kings

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