News You Need: Alleged GoFundMe scheme with couple and homelessman



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Homeless Veteran and Couple Go Fund Me Scam

Remember the story about the lady who ran out of gas and pulled over and a homeless veteran spent his last $20 to get her gas.  A GoFundMe was set up for this veteran and ended up raising $400,000 for him. Turns out it was a scam. The lady and the homeless man knew each other and set it all up.  They've all been arrested and charged with conspiracy and theft by deception. So unfortunately be careful who you donate money to. 

Three Florida Counties Miss Recount Deadline - 

Florida’s election chaos continues as counties miss the deadline for the machine recount.

Broward County's election office is trying to explain how they finished a machine-recount of ballots in time, but missed the deadline to file them by two minutes. The state went with the earlier reported totals because of the missed deadline. An elections official said he worked his butt off for nothing and they were late because he was unfamiliar with the state's website.

Two other counties also missed the deadline. Hillsborough said it missed because of an unexplained drop in the overall number of votes. Palm Beach County missed because its vote-counting machines overheated. There will be a hand-recount in two Florida races, for U.S. Senate and agricultural commission. Those results are expected Sunday.

Meanwhile, a federal judge is blasting Florida lawmakers and saying the state is the laughingstock of the world over its voting problems. U.S. District Judge Mark Walker refused to extend the deadline for recounting ballots. He said the state has a history of close elections and despite that lawmakers chose not to fix the problems that seem to come up every election.

Two of the three races in the machine-recount are still very close and will go to a hand-recount that must be completed by Sunday. The race for governor is over, however, Democrat Andrew Gillum is refusing to concede and says he may launch a court challenge. 

Source: Sun Sentinel

Women Sue Ivy league School Over Sexually Predatory Behavior Of Professors - 

Seven women are suing Dartmouth College for 70-million-dollars over what they call a 21st Century "Animal House" culture and sexually predatory professors.  The tenured professors allegedly conducted lab meetings at bars and invited students to hot tub parties at their homes. It also says undergraduate students were invited to use cocaine during classes as part of a demonstration. The bad behavior cited goes from 2002 to 2017. As many as 40 more women are eligible to join the class action.

The suit claims the college knowingly permitted three prominent professors to turn a human behavior research department into a place that treated students as sex objects. Todd Heatherton, William Kelley, and Paul Whalen are the educators accused of the abuses. They are no longer allowed on campus.

Source: CNN


A Global High Speed Internet Is Closer To Happening 

SpaceX is moving to wire the world with Internet access from space.

The private rocket company got approval from the FCC yesterday to deploy more than seven-thousand very-low-Earth orbit satellites for its Starlink network. That's in addition to the more than 44-hundred SpaceX satellites the FCC green-lighted last March. When Starlink is complete, it will have almost 12-thousand satellites providing continuous Internet connection.

SpaceX deployed two test satellites in February and hopes to launch 16-hundred over the next few years. The company isn’t the only game in town, however, as the FCC greenlighted three other companies as well. 

Source: Engadget


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