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Ragweed Is Spreading As The Climate Warms

Northern Americans might be sneezing a lot more as climate change continues.

A University of Washington study found that the allergen ragweed will spread north as the climate warms. Ragweed is a plant whose fine-powder pollen is the most common cause for allergies, sneezing, runny nose and other unpleasant irritations.

The researchers say they began this study because nobody had looked at ragweed distribution and its obvious health implications for many people in the U.S. The findings indicate that more ragweed will appear in non-native places like New York, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire. A piece of good news is that the plant will start to disappear from the Appalachian mountains, central Florida, and northeastern Virginia.

Interestingly, Europe has done an extensive study on the invasive plant and is now working to curb the spread there.

Source: University of Washington 


Dems Reportedly Grow Lead In House Races -

Democrats are reportedly growing their lead in the House races .  They’ve now picked up 31 seats and a few more races are still outstanding. Dems needed to flip 23 seats to regain control of the House. The latest Democratic gain is in Washington state. The Seattle Times says Republican Dino Rossi has conceded his race to Democrat Kim Schrier [[ SHRY-er ]] in the state's 8th congressional district.

Meanwhile, House Democrats want to ensure that documents in the Russia investigation are preserved, along with any paperwork related to President Trump's ousting of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The top Dems on the Judiciary, Oversight and Judiciary Committees have sent letters to several federal agencies, including the Justice Department and FBI. Democrats will take control of the House in January. Not surprisingly, they have pledged to conduct vigorous oversight of Trump and his administration. 

Source: NBC News

The President Visits Paris - 

President Trump heads to Paris, France today.

He’ll join other world leaders in commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armistice, which brought an end to hostilities in WWI.

While Trump will skip a summit on global cooperation, he does plan to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron [[ MAH-crohn ]]. Vladimir Putin will be at the Paris Peace Forum, but Trump and the Russian president have no plans to meet up.

Meantime, the President and First Lady Melania Trump plan to visit some memorial sites to honor U.S. service members who were killed in action. They include the Belleau Wood battlefield and a cemetery for US war dead about 50 miles north-east of Paris.

Source: Guardian

Broward County, Florida Is Again In The Spotlight Over Election Issues

Florida Governor and Senate candidate Rick Scott is calling for fairness and transparency in what he says could be rampant voter fraud in the state's midterm elections.

That’s In a news conference tonight, Scott rattled off numbers about voting in the midterm elections on Tuesday, noting that votes are still being counted in Palm Beach and Broward Counties even 48-hours after the election. Scott’s campaign filed a lawsuit against the two counties for violating Florida law by withholding information and not allowing certain officials near the ballot counting area.

The Florida governor accused the left of coming up with ballots out of nowhere to sway the election in their own favor. So far those slow vote tallies are benefiting Democrat candidates. Scott is calling on federal law enforcement to investigate the incident. President Trump tweeted last night that it is being looked into.

Source: The Hill

Judge Blocks Keystone Pipeline Construction

A federal judge is blocking the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline.

Judge Brian Morris of the District Court in Montana ruled the Trump Administration's justification for approving it was incomplete. The nearly 12-hundred mile pipeline is planned to move oil from Canada to Texas.

Judge Morris wrote that the government did not justify why it switched from opposing the pipeline in 2015 under President Obama to supporting it in 2017 under President Trump. He wrote the administration tossed aside prior factual findings related to climate change to support its reversal. It said the government needs to redo its analysis to look at climate change, the impact of oil spills and endangered species, and include cultural resource examinations along the pipeline's route.

The Trump Administration or TransCanada could appeal the decision to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Source: CNN


Google Is Changing It’s Sexual Harassment And Misconduct Policies 

Forced arbitration of misconduct claims is out at Google.

Google's CEO is sending a memo to its employees notifying them that the company is changing its sexual harassment and misconduct policies. More than 20-thousand Google employees walked off their jobs last week after the New York Times reported some executives accused of misconduct received huge payouts.

CEO Sundar Pichai [[ SUN-dar pe-chai ]] wrote this is an area where they need to continually make progress and they are committed to do so. Many of the changes were called for by people organizaing the walkout. Some include making arbitration optional; more transparency about outcomes; revamping the process for reporting harassment or misconduct; improving training.

Another move being made is the Chief Diversity Officer reporting directly to Pichai.

Source: Yahoo!

A Great White Is Making Itself At Home Along The Jersey Shore

A great white shark named Jane is checking out the Jersey Shore.

So far, the ten-foot shark likes what she sees. Ocean researchers say Jane was tagged in Canada last month and has been pinging away all week off Cape May. Like Mary Lee, another great white that frequently visited New Jersey, this teenage shark has her own Twitter account and says she's excited about her adventures. You can find it at "White Shark Jane".

Source: Press Of Atlantic City


*The Sharks are at the Blues tonight at 7pm

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