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Doomed Lion Air Jet’s Previous Pilot Had Radioed An Alert Hours Before Second Flight Crashed - 

Technical problems forced a Lion Air pilot, flying the later doomed plane, to radio an alert.

The issues were overcome, but just hours later the plane crashed, killing all 189 on board. Because of questions about the plane’s soundness to fly, Indonesia’s transport minister suspended Lion Air’s technical director and three other officers on Wednesday to facilitate the crash investigation.

Meanwhile, divers are discovering bodies of passengers from the crashed Lion Air flight still strapped to their seats on the sea floor. Officials say an Indonesian search and rescue team set out to find remains amid the debris yesterday. The jet crashed into the sea 13 minutes after takeoff earlier this week.

Source: Reuters

Subaru And Toyota Issue Recalls Over Possible Engine Stalling - 

Subaru and Toyota are recalling about 165-thousand U.S. vehicles with a defect that could make the engine stall.

The recall covers about 140-thousand Subarus and about 25-thousand Toyotas, and includes the Subaru Impreza and the Toyota Scion, with the vehicle model years between 2012 and 2013. In case you’re wondering why both types of cars were recalled together, they were made in Japan in a joint venture by both companies.

Subaru released a statement saying there's a "very small possibility" of a valve spring fracture in a small number of the vehicles, and they are recalling all of them out of an abundance of caution.

Toyota also separately recalled Scion xA vehicles made between 2004 -2006 due to airbag and electrical issues. 

Source: Fortune

Saudi Sisters Found In Hudson River Were Alive When They Hit The Water -

 There are more questions than answers in the deaths of a pair of Saudi Arabian sisters in New York City.

Investigators are trying to gather more information as they work to solve the case involving two sisters. As we told you, the bodies of 16-year-old Tala Farea and 22-year-old Rotana Farea were found duct taped together in the Hudson River on October 24th. There are reports that water was found in the lungs of both girls, indicating they were alive when they went into the water.

Reports say that detectives are going through credit card activity as they try to figure out what happened. Police say the sisters were living in Virginia but came to Manhattan in September. They migrated to the U.S. in 2015 and were reportedly seeking asylum.

Source: CNN 

First U.S. Troops Arrive At Mexico Border - 

U.S. troops have started arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Soldiers from Fort Riley, Kansas arrived yesterday in Harlingen [[ HAR-lin-jen ]], Texas. They're part of the first wave of more than five-thousand active duty troops President Trump is sending to back up Border Patrol agents at the southern border.

Trump has said he might deploy as many as 15-thousand troops in advance of a caravan of migrants from Central America. Currently, seven-thousand troops are expected. The migrant group, said to number as many as seven-thousand, is expected to seek asylum in the U.S. after walking through Mexico.

Source: Fox News


Scientists Are Cataloging DNA From Every Species - 

Scientists are beginning a huge undertaking to sequence the DNA of every species on earth.  They started on Thursday and are hoping to conclude mapping the genomes of more than one-point-five million species in the next ten years. They are only doing plants, animals and fungi. They will not attempt to include bacteria, which is good because that would take decades.

They are starting in the United Kingdom which has an estimated 66-thousand species that have not yet been mapped. The attempt is called the Earth BioGenome Project and scientists hope the effort will lead to new drugs that might slow aging and more information that might improve conservation efforts.

Source: BBC


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