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*Periods of rain this morning high 53



Willa Gets A Second Life As A Nor’easter - 

After packing a wallop on Mexico, the remnants of Willa isn’t done yet.

The Southeast is getting drenched today from Willa and then she sets her sights up the East Coast as a Nor’easter. Luckily, big cities like New York, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia will have to contend with rain instead of snow.

Inland and mountainous areas should see some of the white stuff thanks to a plunge in the jet stream. There will be some inland accumulation and wind gusts of up to 50 mph.

The National Weather Service has posted coastal flood watches along the Jersey shore, the north and south shores of Long Island and parts of coastal Connecticut for the Saturday morning and afternoon high tides.

Source: Weather Channel

Trump Goes After The Media In Early Morning Tweet - 

President Trump is criticizing the media's coverage of suspicious packages being sent to prominent public figures he has criticized.

The President tweeted early this morning that it's funny how "lowly-rated CNN" and others can criticize him at will and even blame him for the current spate of bombs, and yet when he criticizes them, "they go wild and scream, "it's just not Presidential!"

His tweet also said news outlets are being ridiculous by comparing the bomb packages to September 11th and the Oklahoma City bombing. Ten potential bombs were mailed to critics of President Trump this week. None of them exploded.

Meanwhile, former Vice President Joe Biden hopes recent bomb threats against high-profile Democrats will force politicians to change their tones. Speaking at the University of Buffalo, Biden said politicians need to wake up and start putting the country back together. He added, "this division, this hatred, this ugliness: it has to end." Biden was one of several Democrats and opponents of President Trump who were sent pipe bombs.

Source: Donald Trump Twitter

University Of Utah Officials Release More Details On Student Shooting Death -

Investigators at the University of Utah believe the man who shot and killed a female student was behind a blackmail plot that targeted the victim.

Chief Dale Brophy said yesterday that Lauren McCluskey had reported the plot to university police, saying she was receiving texts threatening to post intimate pictures of her online. The threats started four days after the couple broke up. McCluskey reportedly transferred a thousand dollars to a bank account in hopes of keeping the pictures private.

Investigators now believe shooter Melvin Rowland, her former boyfriend, was the only person responsible for the blackmail plot. Slip ups were made, including University police not figuring out Rowland was on parole. They could have sent him to jail for parole violations.

Rowland shot and killed McCluskey Monday night and was later found dead inside a Salt Lake City church. 

Source: Salt Lake Tribune

Bacterial Outbreak Kills Newborn And Sickens Others In New Jersey - 

A New jersey hospital is dealing with a bacterial outbreak.

A premature baby is dead and four others are sick following a bacterial outbreak at a Newark hospital. The city's health director says the cases involve Acinetobacter bacteria and all have occurred in University Hospital's neonatal intensive care unit.

Dr. Mark Wade says it's a hospital-acquired infection with no risk to the community. He also says it's not related to the adenovirus that's caused the deaths of seven medically fragile children at a pediatric rehab center in Passaic County.

State health officials are investigating both tragedies. So far, University Hospital in Newark has been found to have broken procedures, including hand washing and person protective equipment. Inspectors say there are “major infection control deficiencies.”

 Source: NJ. com


Chocolate Prices Are Going Up -

Take advantage of Halloween candy sales, because chocolate is about to get expensive.

After the new year it is likely going to cost more. Hershey announced it is going through with a planned price increase early next year to offset increases in commodity and shipping costs. It’s been warned for years that chocolate wil lget harder to find as crops dwindle, and this is a sign.

The candy company said it would raise prices of some of its products by about two-and-a-half percent. It also has other changes in the works, including a Reese's Thins, which would be a 40-percent slimmer peanut butter cup. It has also purchased some healthier products, including Pirate Brands.

If you think buying another brand of chocolate will help, think again. Other candy makers have already bumped up prices. 

Source: Fortune

Americans Are Taking Advantage Of Early Voting -

 Americans appear to be highly motivated to vote in the midterm elections.

With less than two weeks to go until the November 6th election day, eight million Americans have already cast their ballots in early and absentee voting. That exceeds the number from 2016, a presidential election year. Midterm elections always have fewer votes cast than presidential election years.

Republicans are getting out the early vote better than Democrats, outpacing them 44-percent to 40-percent. The rest are unaffiliated or third parties.

Many Democratic strongholds along the West Coast haven't reported their early voting numbers yet, so that stat could change.

To find out where you can early vote, head here,

 Source: Business Insider


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