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Missouri has more time to comply with stricter identification requirements under the Real ID Act.  We are talking about having to use your passport at the airport or federal facilities.  The U.S. Department of Homeland Security granted Missouri an extension yesterday through Aug. 1, 2019. 


*It's the annual National Night Out tonight. It's always on the first Tuesday of August or October.  On the National Night Out communities take a stand against crime by participating in block parties, festivals, and cookouts where police interact with citizens in positive environments. The national theme is Give Neighborhood Crime and Drugs A Going Away Party.


*Hazmat teams were called into the Home Depot in South St. Louis after a suspicious package was found in a shopping cart.  Fire crews said they found a cloud of smoke and a very strong odor, it turns out it was an assortment of household cleaning items all wrapped into one that caused a spontaneous combustion.



Indonesia Quake And Tsunami Toll Is Over One Thousand -

 The death toll from the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia climbed significantly.

The government is confirming at least one-thousand-234 people died in the natural disasters that struck the island of Sulawesi [[ soo-la-WAY-see ]] on Friday. People in the tourist city of Palu [[ pah-LOO ]] are becoming more desperate. There's little running water, food, fuel, or drinking water and damaged roads make it hard to bring in more.

Among the destruction, 34 students were killed when a landslide hit the church they were in. The children were attending bible camp.

A damaged airport and broken telecommunications infrastructure add to the chaos. Hospitals are damaged so injured people are being treated in the open. At least one military field hospital has been set up and British forces are sending a war ship to help efforts. First responders and military from the U.S. are also in the region to assist. 

Source: Washington Post


Toddler Is Among Those Killed In PA Car Explosion -

 Mystery still surrounds a weekend car blast in Allentown, PA.

Officials have now at least identified the three people who died in the explosion. Autopsies completed yesterday confirm that Jacob Schmoyer and his two-year-old son Jonathan died from injuries inflicted by the blast. David Hallman, a friend of Jacob's, was also killed.

Schmoyer’s family and friends are shocked and searching for answers along with investigators. He lived two blocks from the blast with his son and girlfriend.

No arrests have been made and authorities have yet to give a cause for the explosion or name a suspect. Investigators do know that Hallman and Schmoyer met at the car Saturday night at about 9:30, but nothing else is being revealed. 

Source: Morning Call

China Warship Comes Within Yards Of U.S. Destroyer In Disputed Waters -

 The USS Decatur had a close encounter with a Chinese vessel on Sunday.

The Chinese war ship came within 45 yards of the US ship’s bow and the U.S. Navy characterized it as "unsafe and unprofessional". This is the latest in efforts to China to intimidate the U.S. with such maneuvers. This was the closest encounter between the two countries.

Source: ABC News

Obama Rolls Out His Last Round Of Candidate Endorsements - 

Former President Barack Obama is making a midterm push for Democratic candidates across the country. He sent out 260 endorsements yesterday at both state and national levels.

Obama said in his unveiling "Our incredible array of candidates up and down the ticket, all across the country, make up a movement of citizens who are younger, more diverse, more female than ever before." To that end, more than 60-percent of the names on his list belong to women.

Nearly 70-percent of the choices are for state races. The reason? His office says "building a pipeline of diverse talent and elevating the next generation of leaders within the Democratic Party" is a priority.

Source: NPR


A Happy Marriage May Help Us Live Longer - 

People who are happily married live longer.

A new study shows people who rated their marriages as very happy or pretty happy have 20-percent lower odds of dying early, compared to people who say their marriages are not too happy. Researchers from the University of Colorado surveyed more than 19-thousand married people, up to age 90, for more than 35 years.

One of the co-authors says a good marriage can improve health as spouses encourage each other to eat healthy, exercise, and get regular medical checkups. A good marriage also provides meaningful roles and identity, purpose in life, and a sense of security. The work expands on several previous studies to fill in some gaps.

The survey is published in the latest edition of the journal Health Psychology.

Source: Time



*Opening night is Thursday at 7pm vs the Winnipeg Jets

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