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HURRICANE FLORENCE: Downgraded to a Category 2, But Still a Threat

Hurricane Florence has been downgraded to a Category 2 storm, but it still remains a threat, as it heads toward North and South Carolina with winds reaching speeds of up to 110 miles-per-hour.

There is some other good news. The eye of the storm continued to deteriorate as of 11 p.m. local time Wednesday.

Although it has dropped below the intensity of a major hurricane, its wind field continues to grow, according to the National Hurricane Center. Also, the threat of heavy rains and flooding has not decreased, with life-threatening rains and storm surges expect to hit the coast of the Carolinas on Thursday and Friday. 

Source: ABC 11 Eyewitness News

Senate Takes Steps To Avoid Government Shutdown - 

Another shutdown is being averted.

The U.S. Senate is taking a step to avoid a government shutdown at the end of this month by approving a 147-billion-dollar spending bill yesterday. The bill now goes to the House for its approval and that could happen as early as tomorrow.

Congressional leaders are hoping to pass three combined spending bills in a bipartisan effort by the end of this month to avoid a possible shutdown. Senators approved funding the departments of Energy, Veterans Affairs, the Army Corps of Engineers and the operations of Congress on a 92-5 vote. This is the first successfully passed spending bill of the year.

Sources have said President Trump is considering a shutdown if he does not get the funding for the border wall that he campaigned on. Republicans in Congress have said that won't happen a month before the mid-term elections. 

Source: Washington Post

South Carolina Prisons Will Ride Out Florence Where They Are - 

While other states are moving offenders to safety, South Carolina is taking a different approach at one facility.

Hundreds of inmates in a South Carolina prison will be riding out the hurricane. Over a million people are heading for higher ground as Hurricane Florence bears down on the Carolina coast.

The 650 inmates at the MacDougall Correctional Institution north of Charleston, however, will be staying put. This is despite Gov. Henry McMaster telling residents at a news conference, “We are not going to gamble with the lives of the people of South Carolina. Not a one.”

A spokesman for the Department of Corrections says in the past, it's been safer for the inmates to stay in place during a hurricane than move them. The medium-security prison is in a county that's under a mandatory evacuation order from the governor. A Jaspar County prison is also keeping inmates put.

In North Carolina, hundreds of inmates were moved further inland Monday. In Virginia, about a thousand prisoners were relocated from a low-lying coastal area. The South Carolina Department of Corrections hasn’t ordered evacuations since 1999’s Hurricane Floyd. 

Source: Fortune

Senate Panel Weighs Kavanaugh Nomination Today - 

The Senate Judiciary Committee will weigh the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court today.

The panel is scheduled to vote on whether to move the federal judge's nomination to the full Senate for a confirmation vote. Democrats are expected to request a one-week delay, which will likely be granted under committee rules.

Meanwhile. New Jersey senator Cory Booker released even more confidential documents pertaining to the nominee and the senate panel’s findings. To date Booker has released 75 documents that were only for senators’ eyes only.

The nomination process for Kavanaugh is brutal with him responding to 12-hundred and 87 questions from senators in a 263 page response.

President Trump nominated Kavanaugh to replace retired Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Source: USA Today

Record Migrant Youths In U.S. Custody 

There are more migrant children, mostly teens, in U.S. custody now than at any time in history.

The “New York Times” is reporting that nearly 13-thousand children are in custody at U.S. detention facilities. The main reason for the increase is that children are no longer being released to live with families and other sponsors while they are being processed by immigration officials and the courts.

Most of these youth are teens who arrive at the border from Central America without their parents. The report was given to members of Congress and then shared with the Times. Most of the 100 shelters are in the southwestern United States and they are nearing capacity. A government official said it is vetting sponsors who are offering to care for the youth and that has led to delays.

It costs 775 dollars per day to house each child. 

Source: New York Times


The Weather Channel Shows Us A Storm Surge With Graphic Simulation - 

The Weather Channel is using high tech tricks to help us grasp elements of storms and it’s working.

Yesterday, the channel showcased a simulation of what storm surges of different levels look like. With one of their experts standing on a circle on the floor, a street scene laid out behind him, the water began to rise.

The simulation took it from minor problems to a car floating away. This is a must see!

Source: Weather Channel

Girls Wrestling Is Almost A Reality In New Jersey

New Jersey is moving one step closer to offering high school girls wrestling as a sport.

It would mark the first time a state in the Northeast offered the sport for high school girls, with 11 already doing so. Currently girls compete against boys in wrestling, and this measure would offer participants the choice of competing against boys, while also creating a championship division and tournament including only girls.

The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association voted unanimously yesterday on the issue, with a final vote scheduled next month.

Source: USA Today


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