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Union workers at U.S. Steel in Granite City and around the U.S. vote today to possibly authorize a strike against the company, if ongoing talks on a new contract continue to stall.  The collective bargaining contracts expired on September 1 but were extended as talks continue. There are about 1200 workers that are impacted locally.


With rain in the forecast this weekend, many high school football teams are hoping to get the games played tonight. 10 high schools around the area have moved games. Some schools says the decision was made yesterday afternoon



PLANE SICK: 100 Passengers on Flight From Dubai Fell Ill

About a 100 passengers and crew members reported feeling ill Wednesday on an Emirates Airline flight from Dubai, which landed in New York. Ten of those people were taken to a local hospital while nine others were checked out at the site, but declined further treatment.

About 520 people were on board when the plane landed at JFK airport shortly after 9 a.m. Officials from the Centers of Disease Control Prevention (CDC) and local authorities were already on the scene when the plane arrived. As authorities sized up the situation, the plane was temporarily quarantined.

Among the passengers on the plane was Vanilla Ice, who tweeted about the situation from inside the plane. Ice tweeted, "This is crazy. Apparently there is over 100 people sick on the bottom floor, so happy I’m up top, it’s a double-decker plane."

All the passengers and crew members were allowed to leave the plane by 12:30 p.m., after they were evaluated by officials. (FOX News)

Ex Trump Administration Officials Say Refugee Report Showing Little Threat Was Dismissed -

 A report that showed insignificant threats posed by refugees was rejected by Trump Administration and an exaggerated one create, according to former Trump officials say.

Refugee opponents in the west wing created their own report which the sources say was exaggerated. The whole point of the document by the National Counterterrorism Center was to assess the risk of refugees entering the country.

Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand dismissed the report and noted that Attorney General Jeff Sessions, would not be guided by its findings.

A current DHS official defended the White House response by saying Trump’s policy "is an all-of-the-above approach that looks at every single pathway that we think it is possible for a terrorist to come into the United States."

Source: NBC

New Wildfire Forces Drivers To Flee Cars On I-5 In California - 

A new wildfire in Northern California is forcing evacuations and shutting down a major interstate.

The Delta Fire is burning about 25 miles north of Redding and was expanding so fast that people had to abandon their cars on I-5. The fire has now consumed over five-thousand acres on both sides of Interstate 5, which caused the highway to be closed. Homes in that area have also been evacuated.

Fortunately, the area it's burning in is sparsely populated. Meantime, fire crews in Northern California are still struggling to fully contain the largest wildfire in California history. The Mendocino Complex Fire remains 98-percent contained. It's burned nearly 460-thousand acres. 

Source: KRCR TV

Kim Jong Un Wants To Abide By Summit Agreement - 

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is still committed to getting rid of his nuclear weapons.

North Korean media reports that Kim reiterated his pledge to making the Korean Peninsula free of nuclear weapons during a meeting with South Korean officials yesterday. He also said North and South Korea should continue working towards preserving peace. The two sides are working on setting up a third round of talks for later this year.

During the comments, the leader noted his faith in Donald Trump is unchanged. Experts and observers warn that North Korea has made no moves to actually meaningfully denuclearize. Kim Jong Un, according to the state media, says he’s frustrated over the world’s lack of trust in him.

Source: BBC

Couple Behind Homeless Man’s GoFundMe Account Is Ordered Has To Appear In Court Monday -

A New Jersey judge is not happy with the mismanagement of funds for a homeless Philadelphia man.

Judge Paula Dow showed little patience yesterday during a hearing about how 360-thousand dollars raised to help Johnny Bobbittdisappeared. She ordered the couple who raised the money to court Monday and a deposition for the couple as well.

Kate McClure and her boyfriend Mark D'Amico raised over 400-thousand dollars via a GoFundMe page for Bobbit last November after he reportedly helped McClure when her car ran out of gas.

Dow was not happy when she told lawyers for both sides to have their accounting of the money for Monday’s court date. She then ripped the attorney for McClure and D’Amico when he tried to plead the 5th for them.

"You should advise your clients that they are directed by the court to appear, and they can assert their privileges at that time. I am no longer comfortable with counsel representing what their clients purport to say, when I have no certifications from the clients, no appearances by the clients, and a record that before me lacks clarity at times as to what happened with the funds.” 

Source: WPVI


FDA: Don’t Eat Honey Smacks

People are apparently still eating a recalled cereal that may make them very ill.

The FDA has taken to Twitter to warn people not to eat Honey Smacks. It says the popular Kellogg's cereal has been linked to 130 confirmed salmonella infections in 34 states and some people have been hospitalized.

The reason for their warning is 30 of those case are new! That means, the Kellogg’s product is still in pantrys around the country.

Honey Smacks has been the subject of a recall since June, which means stores can't sell it, but people are still getting sick from it. The FDA's theory is that people still have the cereal in their homes so the agency is tweeting, telling people to get rid of it.

We can’t stress enough….throw out the cereal, but don’t eat it.

Source: Gizmodo

Americans Frightened of Unexpected Medical Bills - 

A new study shows that Americans are afraid they will not be able to afford unexpected medical bills above all other health care costs.

The Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that 67-percent of adults worry about surprise bills more than prescription drug costs, rent, food or gas. Most participants who had received an unexpected bill attributed it to services not included in their insurance network.

A practice known as "balance billing" could be the main cause for surprise bills. Hospitals or other providers will not accept the amount the insurer believes the procedure should cost therefore they bill patient for the rest.

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation


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