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*Partly cloudy today, a stray shower is possible high 92


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Louisiana Preps For TS Gordon -

 Louisiana wants its residents to be ready when Gordon visits.

In a news conference yesterday, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwardssays the state is taking all measures necessary to ensure the state is prepared for the storm. The governor says state and federal resources are being made available as the storm closes in on the region.

He also noted the storm is still very much of a threat because of possible storm surge, strong winds and heavy rains. Edwards is encouraging locals to develop a plan for how they will weather the storm. He also activated the National Guard to assist residents.

In New Orleans, they’ve begun closing flood gates. Weather experts predict Tropical Storm Gordon will be a hurricane by the time it makes landfall.

Source: CNN

Weird News

West Virginia Couple Busted For Possession Of Drugs And A Baby Squirrel - It was a typical traffic stop in West Virginia, until officers saw some unique contradband in the vehicle that was pulled over.

Police stopped Robert Dickerson and Allison Burgess and allegedly had meth and distribution equipment, along with a baby squirrel in the car. The two were place in a jail cell and state wildlife officials took control of the small animal. It’s fine. Multiple charges are in the works.

No word on why the squirrel was even there.Source: Herald-Dispatch

More News....

Small Chicago Anti-Violence Protest Is Shut Down Before It Blocks Highway Traffic - 

Nearly a dozen protesters are behind bars after being arrested during an anti-violence demonstration in Chicago.

Illinois State Police arrested ten people yesterday afternoon for trying to march on the busy Kennedy Expressway near O'Hare International Airport. Authorities say about 60 protesters were met by police at the entrance to the freeway. protest leader Reverend Gregory Livingstonwas among those detained.

State police said they planned to make sure busy holiday traffic remains uninterrupted. The police seemed to have learned from two other summer protests that saw large backups on the expressway. 

Source: Chicago Tribune

U.S. Troop Dead After Possible Insider Attack - 

A U.S. service member is dead and another is injured in what's being called an "insider attack" in Afghanistan.

The NATO-led Resolute Support mission said the attack happened in eastern Afghanistan Monday. The identities of the service members haven't been released, but officials are confirming the wounded service member is in stable condition.

The death marks the sixth American killed in Afghanistan this year. General Scott Miller, who assumed command of NATO forces in Afghanistan on Sunday, said the loss is tragic for all who knew him, as well as those who will now never have the chance. Coalition forces have tightened security and initiated extra protection measures for training units. 

Source: CNN

Woman Loses Her Husband And Children In A Kayak Accident - 

A mother of three is the only survivor of a kayaking accident on Lake Superior.

Cari Mews, her husband Erik Fryman and their three children were kayaking between two islands in the waters off northern Wisconsin last Thursday when their kayak was tipped over by high winds and waves. Cari was able to text her sister that there was an emergency, and she called authorities

By the time rescuers found her,the sole survivor was suffering from hypothermia and exhaustion after six hours in the water. That night, search crews found the bodies of Erik, their son and one of their girls. Their second daughter's body was found the next day. 

Source: New York Daily News


NASA May Explore Endorsements And Naming Rights Deals - 

With NASA gearing up to get back into the “man in space” race, no form of funding is off the table.

The space agency has had interest from companies in endorsements and naming rights, so they’re thinking about it. Administrator Jim Bridenstine explains why it’s on the table. “We can embed NASA into the culture and fabric of American society and inspire generations of folks that will create those next capabilities to keep America preeminent not only in space but in science and technology and discovery and exploration.”

So….the “Dubble Bubble Hubble telescope, “the “Raisin Bran Rocket,” or even the “Curiosity Mars Rover Brought to you by Mars Candy” is a distinct possibility. 

Source: Can Tech Letter

How To Stop Yourself From Crying - Crying is normally fine, but there is always that one time you want to stop.

If you get into a situation where the tears start flowing but you want to stop, there are hacks to try. There are hacks for nearly everything! Try them out.

  • Use props. Stress balls and the like are great distractions!
  • Pinch the skin between your thumb and pointer finder.
  • Deep breathing.
  • Pinch your nose.
  • When all else fails, let the tears come.

Source: Bustle


The Washington Nationals beat the Cards 4-3, they play them again at 6:05pm

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