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East-West Gateway’s board of directors voted Wednesday night to approve a route for the north-south expansion of MetroLink route.

The yes vote doesn’t mean construction will start for the new line right away. First, the city has to do an environmental impact study to find the preferred alignment through North St. Louis. That will take about two years and cost about $6 million.

The north-south expansion would run from Grand through downtown to Chippewa. There would be 16 new stations and it would run past the new National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency headquarters.


The entire Pennsylvania prison system was placed on lockdown yesterday (Wednesday) due to a rash of officers sickened by an unknown substance over the past few weeks.

29 prison staffers have been hospitalized for exposure to the substance which is believed to be some sort of liquid synthetic drug. The most-recent incident occurred Tuesday night and most of the cases have occurred in the western part of the state.

Around the same time Pennsylvania prisons were locked down, two dozen officers, nurses and inmates at an Ohio prison became ill and were transported to the hospital for treatment. There have been no fatalities and authorities say there is no risk to the public. (NBC News)

Talk About It:

  • The substance is believed to be fentanyl, a powerful opioid. 
  • How would so many people have become exposed to it and where did it come from?
  • Contact with just a small amount of it could make you sick.

Police: Texas Mystery Woman In Doorbell Cam Video Is Safe - 

A partially dressed woman who rang a door bell in a suburb of Houston and was caught on video is safe.

The viral video showed the distressed woman, with an apparent restraint hanging from a wrist, ring the door bell that happened to have a “doorbell” cam with it.

Police canvassed the area homes and discovered she was the girlfriend of a man who died of self inflicted gunshot wounds. Officials state her name will not be released because she’s the victim of family violence. The good news is, the 32-year-old is now safely with family in the Dallas area. 

Source: US News & World Report

Detroit Schools Water Water Shut Off Due To Lead And Copper Levels - 

The water fountains are being shut off at all 100 public schools in Detroit due to high levels of lead and copper in the drinking water.

Superintendent Nikolai Vitti says students will be drinking bottled water to start the school year as officials work to solve the issue with the formation of a task force. Fixing the problem will cost 200-thousand dollars just to start with, and is likely to get even more expensive.

Vitti says not all samples from the district are back, but all schools’ taps have been shut off out of “an abundance of caution.” He als says there are no signs as yet of any negative impact on the health of children from the water in the schools.

City officials and the Great Lakes Water Authority are calming customers about the situation by telling them the schools’ infrastructure is the source of the contamination and not the water itself. 

Source: Detroit Free Press


the Pirates beat the Cards 2-0 they play them again today

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