News You Need: Sen John McCain's Final Farewell



*Lots of sunshine today high 95


*St. Charles County voters will get to decide between two smoking bans on the November 6 ballot.  Their council held a meeting Monday night that resulted in approving both.



Judge Blocks 3D Gun Blueprints From Going Up Online - 

Blueprints for 3-D printed guns will stay under wraps for now.

A federal judge in Seattle decided yesterday to extend a block on publishing the instructions online. Over a dozen states are suing to keep a Texas-based company from distributing the directions that would allow people to make plastic guns on a 3-D printer.

The states claim criminals would have easy access to 3-D printed guns and that such weapons would be untraceable. The company Defense Distributed says it has a First Amendment right to publish the instructions.

The case started in 2013, when DD posted the plans online. Then the government blocked them and they sued. The Trump Administration settled with the company in June, allowing the blueprints online. 

Source: CNN

Key Primaries In Arizona And Florida Happen Today - 

Voter turnout is expected to be high in the hotly contested Arizona and Florida primaries today.

Dr. Sean Foreman, a professor at Barry University in Miami, says voters are fired up on both sides of the political aisle. He says one of the main reasons why voters are turning out in unusually high numbers during the primaries is to elect leadership that will oppose President Trump. In Florida, Former Democratic Congresswoman Gwen Graham leads over the other democratic candidates for governor.

On the Republican side, Ron DeSantis is favored, over the establishment candidate Putnam, because President Trump has endorsed DeSantis. Florida Governor Rick Scott is the clear favorite in the Senate race.

In Arizona, the death of Senator John McCain has made the contests more emotional for voters and intense for the candidates. Congresswoman Martha McSally is favored in the Senate race against physician and former state Senator Kelli Ward and former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. After the announcement that John McCain would stop cancer treatment, she and her staff hinted it was done to derail her chances of winning. Some pundits now believe her chances of winning are slim.

Source: MetroSource


Future Fashionistas Are Turning To Stylists For Back-To-School Looks - 

Most parents cringe when they hear the words “back-to-school shopping.”

For the average parents, it’s easy to drop a grand on one child, then there are the kids that have stylists/personal shoppers. Yes, this year, the trend is to have stylists! Mind you, someone like New York City’s Mona Sharaf charges two-hundred dollars an hour. Some ask for much more.

Kids, who have someone that can afford it, can walk away from their day of shopping with two to four thousand dollars in clothing. Sharaf was taken by surprise this summer when she found herself working with five kids, ages 10 to 17, on their upcoming wardrobes.

“Kids have their own idea of style. Parents don’t tell their kids what to wear the way we were told when I was growing up. The kids call the shots now.”

Typically, parents hire the shoppers, but some kids do the Googling and then present the idea to their parents. 

Source: Fox News


*The Cardinals take on the Pirates at 7:15pm tonight

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