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*There's a heavy police presence near Page in West St. Louis for an officer involved shooting. It happened at 4:35 a.m. in the 5500 block of Clara and Chamberlain.

*Starting today the Martin Luther King Bridge in downtown St. Louis will shut down for a year for bridge work.


Crews Continue Containing Ranch Fire As Another Breaks Out In CA -

 The Ranch Fire in Northern California is now over 400-thousand acres.

California fire officials explain that the nearly 40-thousand acre jump from last week is because of completed back firing operations in the northeastern areas. The fire is only 67-percent contained. The Ranch and River fires formed the Mendocino Complex fire, which is the largest fire in California history. In total, the two fires have burned over 450-thousand acres. The River fire is now completely contained.

Meanwhile another blaze started in Lake County and was moving moderately. Officials are concerned about the fire as it has the possibility of consuming 400 acres.

Source: Press Democrat

Arrests Made In Silent Sam Confederate Statue Protests -

 Several people are in custody as two groups of protestors clashed at the University of North Carolina.

The planned demonstration Saturday was in support of the Silent Sam statue that was torn down earlier this week. The statue payed homage to the Confederate soldier and had been on the campus since 1913. As tensions rose between opposing protestors, several were slapped with charges including assault, inciting a riot, destruction of property and resisting an officer.

The statue is currently in storage. Since being torn down, the focus has shifted to the future of 'Silent Sam.' State law mandates it be put back up within 90 days, but UNC is mulling what to do. Three arrest warrants were issued for the people that toppled the statue. 

Source: WRAL

Chuck Schumer Proposes Renaming Senate Building After McCain - 

An idea being floated on Capitol Hill is a testament to late Senator John McCain’s willingness to reach across the aisle.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer wants the Senate's oldest office building to be named after the late Senator John McCain. On Saturday night, Schumer released a statement saying he will be introducing a resolution to rename the historic Russell building after the 81-year-old Republican.

Schumer said with this resolution, generations will be able to remember his legacy, adding that nothing will overcome the loss of Senator McCain. Schumer said above all McCain was a truth teller, never afraid to speak truth to power in an era where that has become all too rare. Senator Jeff Flake, McCain’s Arizona counterpart, wants to be the first Republican to co-sponsor the bill.

The building is currently named Sen. Richard Brevard Russell Jr., a Democrat from Georgia who served from 1933 to 1971. He was as a leader of Southern opposition to the civil rights movement and an ardent supporter of segregation for decades. 

Source: CBS News

U.S. And Mexico Are Close To A NAFTA Agreement - 

Mexico and the U.S. are reportedly close to reaching an agreement over a revised NAFTA deal.

Mexico's Economy Minister says it looks like negotiators are very close to reaching a deal as talks are set to resume this morning in Washington. Most of the talks have focused on import/export rules for the automotive industry, something President Trump has focused on in his effort to rework the 1994 trade agreement.

Canada will return to the talks once the U.S. and Mexico iron out their differences. Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray it would take another week after that happens to complete the new agreement. 

Source: Reuters


NASCAR Driver Loses Sponsor Because Of Dad’s Slur Before He Was Born - Is this PC policing going too far?

Caution: the words of your parents could come back to bite you. Here is a perfect example:A NASCAR driver is losing a major sponsor because his dad used a racial slur n

It was brought to everyone's attention when another announcer recounted the story to the Indianapolis Star about how he froze when the word was used. Conor Daly was born in 1991, about 10 years later, but Lilly Diabetes said that the story was too much of a distraction. As for Conor, he took to Twitter and thanked Lilly Diabetes for their help in his racing career and let everyone know he's still racing but made sure everyone knew how unnecessary this all was. “"The last 24hrs have been quite an unnecessarily difficult ride for my family. There is A LOT I want to say.”Source: Indianapolis Star


*The Cards beat the Rockies 12-3

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