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*Rain this morning but it should end by this afternoon, high 78


*Police in Brentwood are asking for help finding an elderly woman who may have gotten lost. Her name is Barbara Dunphy, she is 83-years-old and driving a blue Toyota Highlander with the Missouri license plates of MECG6Y.


Airlines Cancel Flights Ahead Of Hurricane Lane -

 If you want to head to Hawaii, now isn’t the time.

Airlines are starting to cancel flights as Hurricane Lane brings heavy rains and flooding to Hawaii. Officials are urging travelers to monitor their flight status before heading to the airport. United, Alaska Airlines, and Hawaiian Airlines have the broadest cancellations.

Airlines are offering travel waivers to affected customers. Hawaii's Big Island has received at least 20 inches of rain as a result of Hurricane Lane and there are two days of storm to go.

Source: Pacific Business News

HURRICANE LANE: Possible Flooding Disaster

Hawaii is dealing with flooding from torrential rains while it braces for Hurricane Lane, which on Friday could hit Maui and Oahu, which includes the city of Honolulu.

Hurricane warnings for the both islands remained in effect Thursday night, while a tropical storm warning was in effect for the Big Island of Hawaii, down from the previous hurricane warning.

Even if the hurricane doesn't hit the islands, the rains are wreaking havoc. The Big Island was drenched with more than 19 inches in 24 hours by midday Thursday, while Hilo took in more than 15 inches of rain during that 24-hour period.

According to the Central Pacific Hurricane Center, some areas on the Big Island got more than two-feet of rain by Thursday afternoon. 

Source: The Weather Channel

Russian Trolls Used Vaccine Debate To Pit Americans Against Each Other -

 Americans have been played by trolls.

Russian trolls are reportedly using the issue of vaccination to sow discord in American society. A new study led by researchers at the George Washington University says Russian-linked social media bots pushed divisive content on both sides of the vaccine debate.

Researchers found the Russian troll accounts were more likely to tweet about vaccination compared to the average Twitter user. They also found several of the tweets were linked to the notorious Internet Research Agency, a Kremlin "troll farm." Messages were posted both for and against vaccines in roughly equal parts.

The tactic threw in other beliefs so more people would take up a side. Their vaccine-related content made appeals to God, or argued about race, class and animal welfare, researchers said. Often, the tweets targeted the legitimacy of the US government.

Source: Guardian

California Lawmakers To Hold Hearing On Verizon Throttling Firefighters - 

The pushback against the wireless industry’s throttling techniques is about to reach a new level.

California lawmakers want to know more about why Verizon slowed data speeds for firefighters battling the biggest wildfire in state history. The California Assembly's Select Committee on Natural Disaster, Response, Recovery, and Rebuilding will hear testimony and gather information today.

Firefighters with the Santa Clara County Fire Department were working the Mendocino Complex Fire earlier this month when Verizon slowed their internet speeds to one-200th of previous speeds. They asked Verizon several times to turn off the so-called throttling so they could communicate with other firefighters, but the telecom giant did not.

Santa Clara Fire Chief Anthony Bowden not only slammed Verizon for the potentially deadly throttling, but filed a federal suit against them. Verizon officials said there was a mistake in explaining the terms of the cell phone plan to the fire department.

Representatives of the wireless industry and Bowden will attend the hearing today. 

Source: SFGate

NY Catholic Church Used Lobby Firms To Block “The Child Victims Act”

A New York state proposed law that would make it easier for child sex abuse victims to seek justice was blocked by the New York state Catholic Conference.

The revelation was revealed in filings and reported by the “New York Daily News.” According to documents, the Catholic Conference, headed by Timothy Cardinal Dolan, used four lobby firms to block the measure and push its position for and against other measures.

The NY arm of the Catholic Church dropped more than 2.1 million bucks in lobbying from 2007 to 2015. That only accounts for the outside lobbyists, not their internal staff. The Conference had stated previously that opening a one-year window to revive old cases would bankrupt the church. 

Source: New York Daily News


There’s A Children’s Medication Recall You Need To Pay Attention To: 

Several kids medicines are being recalled because of a life threatening reason.

Thirty-two children's medications are being recalled over contamination concerns and risk of life-threatening microbial infection. King Bio, a North Carolina pharmaceutical company, has issued the recall.

The products are homeopathic medicines used to treat teething, cough, rashes, colic, bed-wetting and other conditions. The list of medicines includes 13 that are marketed under the brand name SafeCareRX.

Here is a partial list of the recalled products. The Full info including lot numbers, can be found at the FDA’s website.

  • DK Attention & Learning Enh.
  • Chicken Pox Symptom Relief
  • Children's Appetite & Weight
  • Children's Appetite Enhance
  • Children's Cough Relief
  • Children's Fever Reliever
  • Children's Growth & Development
  • DK Newborn Tonic
  • DK Nosebleed Relief
  • TonsilPlex
  • Children's Ear Relief Formula
  • DK Teething
  • DK Colic Relief
  • Tummy Aches
  • Kids Multi- Strain Flu Relief
  • Kids Stress & Anxiety
  • Kids Sleep Aid
  • Kids Bed Wetting (NP)
  • Kids Candida 4 oz

Source: CBS News

The World’s First Beer Hotel Is Actually Opening - 

The world's first beer hotel is opening in Ohio.

Known as BrewDog's Dog House, the Columbus inn will feature a beer tap in each room and a shower beer fridge in each shower. Thirty-two rooms will fill the facility and when guests check in, they get a free beer. All rooms come equipped with beer taps, as well as stocked beer fridges in both the room and in the shower. The soap is even infused with hops!

So far more than 500 people have booked reservations at the hotel. It opens on August 27th. 

Source: Thrillist



*The Cards are at the Rockies today at 7:40pm

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