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*It feels like Fall this morning, today's weather is sunny to partly cloudy high 82


*A crash in Pontoon Beach that appeared to be a head on collision closed a lane of Highway 111 early Thursday morning. Details regarding any injuries have not been released.



Officials Are Concerned Tourists And Residents Will Ignore Lane Warnings - 

Military and civil authorities in Hawaii are preparing for the expected arrival of Hurricane Lane.

State police are most worried about residents who may ignore warnings of the high surf and try to get photos at the beach as the hurricane comes in. They're preparing for high winds and potential flooding. Both the military and civil officials said that they are well prepared for hurricanes.

While supplies for boarding up houses and water have been cleared off shelves in some areas, residents and tourists in other areas are taking an “it is what it is” approach in others. One Florida family decided to fly in for a sports competition yesterday, despite the event being called off.

As we told you earlier, Hurricane Lane is a Category 4 storm with sustained winds of 145-miles-per-hour. Residents are being urged to make sure they have emergency supplies that can last for two weeks and to stay away from the high surf. Officials have admitted there are not enough emergency shelters.

Source: USA Today

ISIS Leader Releases New Audio Message To Rally Remaining Forces -

 ISIS is releasing what it says is a new audio message from the terrorist group's leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The man on the recording concedes that ISIS forces are losing on the battlefield. He says that is a test from Allah and that ISIS members need to stick together. He says his followers are being tested with fear and hunger. But he says those who patiently persevere will be given glad tidings.

There is no independent confirmation that Baghdadi's voice is on the recording and his location is unknown. If it is the ISIS leader, this would be his first audio message released since October of last year. ISIS has lost 90-percent of the lands it had controlled in Iraq and Syria.

Source: Time

BETSY DeVOS: Considering Letting Schools Use Federal Funds on Guns

According to people familiar with the plan, the education department is considering allowing states to use federal funds to buy guns for teachers.

If such a plan were to pan out, it would flip a long-running policy of the federal government not to fund the purchase of guns for schools, as well as efforts by Congress to limit the use of federal funds on weapons. Back in March, Congress rubber-stamped school safety legislation that gives $50 million annually to school districts, with the caveat that none of the funds could be used on weapons.

In order to get around such restrictions, the education department is said to be focusing on the Student Support and Academic Enrichment grants, which don't include any language that prevent the purchases of guns. That could give Education Secretary Betsy DeVos a pathway to allow the use of grants for guns and training, unless Congress steps in to stop such funding.

 (The New York Times)

Trade War With China Sees More Tariffs Put In Place - 

Despite new high level talks, the trade war is getting uglier.

Envoys from the U.S. and China met in Washington, DC yesterday in the hopes they could avoid new tariffs between the companies. That didn’t happen and today a new set kicked in.

25-percent duties were slapped on each other's automobiles, factory machinery and other goods. At issue is U.S. complaints that Beijing steals technology and some violations by China of their free trade agreement.

With no end in sight, economists are worried about the impact on the world economy. 

Source: CBS News

UN Report: North Korea Isn’t Letting Inspectors Look At Key Nuke Sites -

 The UN is sounding the alarm over North Korea's nuclear program.

A new report from the International Atomic Energy Agency warns that inspectors are not being allowed to check key sites including North Korea's main nuclear research facility. The report released this week by the watchdog group says the continuation and further development of the North's nuclear program are "cause for grave concern."

The UN agency concluded that North Korea has "shown no willingness" to dismantle its nuclear program in spite of its pledge at the Singapore Summit in June.

In an interview with Reuters on Monday, President Trump said "I stopped (North Korea’s) nuclear testing. I stopped (North Korea’s) missile testing. Japan is thrilled. What’s going to happen? Who knows? We’re going to see."

Source: USA Today


ICYMI: Company Offers “Fur-Ternity” Leave For Employees - 

As pets are more and more being considered family members, some companies are acknowledging it.

A Minnesota marketing company is offering employees with pets "fur-ternity leave."  It gives employees the ability to work from home for a week when they have a new dog or cat. The vice president of the company called it a no-brainer.

“Families come in all different shapes and sizes — as do new babies in a household,” Allison McMenimen says. “We want to celebrate [our diverse workforce] by making sure there are policies that enable everyone to support their definition of family.”

Nina Hale is not the only company offering paid pet leave - a data company in New York is offering "paw-ternity leave" to employees who adopt a rescue dog. 

Source: San Luis Obispo Tribune


*The Cardinals beat the Dodgers 3-1 they take on the Rockies tomorrow

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