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*4 U.S. Army Helicopters were forced to make emergency landings after strong storms hit the St. Louis area on Monday. The four helicopters landed in three different locations when the storms rolled in.



Protesters Take Down Confederate Soldier Statue In NC -

 A statue of a Confederate soldier at a North Carolina college is down after it was knocked over by protesters.

A group of around 250 protesters marched to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill yesterday calling for the immediate removal of the monument, called Silent Sam. The crowd started cheering and throwing dirt on it after some people pulled it down using rope.

The university said in a statement that the protesters' actions were dangerous, and they are investigating the incident. A UNC student was facing expulsion and criminal charges earlier this year after covering Silent Sam with paint and blood. The statue has been at the university since 1913.

Gov. Roy Cooper released a statement last night, saying that he "understands that many people are frustrated by the pace of change and he shares their frustration, but violent destruction of public property has no place in our communities."

Source: WRAL

The Legal Battle To Block 3D Gun Making Directions Online Continues - 

The legal battle over online 3D-printable gun designs continues today.

A Seattle judge issued a temporary halt on the Texas-based company Defense Distributed from posting 3D-printable gun designs online last month. Now there are 19 states and the District of Columbia asking the Seattle judge to block the State Department from allowing the files to be posted until the case is fully argued in court.

Arguments will be heard today by the federal judge in the case after the State Department reached a settlement with a company over posting the instructions. The company at the heart of the case is owned by a self-described "crypto-anarchist" who opposes restrictions on gun ownership.

Many people are concerned that 3D-printed guns could evade security systems and endanger the public with their lack of serial numbers.

Source: Morning Call

Microsoft Shuts Down Fake Sites And Links Them To Russians - 

The battle against outside influences in U.S. elections is heating up.

Microsoft says it has shut down six websites that tried to pose as the U.S. Senate, conservative organizations, and Microsoft itself. The software giant says the fake sites aimed to trick people into thinking they were clicking on sites run by the conservative Washington think tank, the Hudson Institute.

Another target was the International Republican institute, a nonprofit pro-democracy group with many prominent Republicans on its board of directors. The Institute's president blamed the attack on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Microsoft says it has linked a group affiliated with the Russian government to the fake sites. 

Source: Los Angeles Times

Manhattan Madam Tells “Fox News” About Her Mueller Probe Testimony - 

A friend of Trump ally Roger Stone is coming forward about what she was asked by the grand jury in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe.

Kristin Davis, known as the Manhattan Madam, told Fox News yesterday night that the jury wanted to know about Stone's relationship with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. That site published a large number of leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee back in 2016, an event that appeared to be foreshadowed by a tweet from Stone.

Davis said that Stone's tweet is often misconstrued and that Stone was in fact talking about possible information about a hyped uranium deal connected to Hillary Clinton. She said that Stone never had any direct contact with Assange.

Davis, who served prison time for running a prostitution ring with thousands of clients, said Stone knew nothing about any Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

Source: Fox News


Ronald McDonald House Charities Gets A Record Donation - 

Ronald McDonald House Charities is receiving the largest single donation in its history.

Biopharmaceutical company AbbVie announced yesterday that it awarded RMHC with a 100-million dollar donation. AbbVie says the donation will provide temporary housing and family-centered services to pediatric patients and their families.

The company, only five years old, says this donation is a part of a commitment to make 350-million dollars in donations to non-profit charities this year. The money will go towards RMHC’s goal of building 600 more guest rooms at 32 of their houses.

To find out more about Ronald McDonald House Charities, check here

Source: ABC Chicago

Study: Nearly Two In Five Teens Text While Driving -

 A new study finds nearly 40-percent of teenage drivers text while behind the wheel.

With accident rates from distracted driving skyrocketing, the survey results show a glaring issue with young drivers. Researchers compiled data from 35 states and drivers 14 and older. In 34 of the states looked at texting while driving is illegal.

The results by state showed that the lower the age to get a learner’s permit, the more likely the student drivers were to text behind the wheel. The results ranged from 64-percent in South Dakota to 26-percent in Maryland. Five of the states had more than 50-percent of kids saying they texted and drove.

Some experts say a graduated licensing system would curb the dangerous habit. Researchers also point out they only asked about texting and emailing behind the wheel, so other cell phone related, and dangerous practices, likely take place too.

Looks like it’s time to have a heart-to-heart with our young drivers. 

Source: WebMD


*The Cards beat the Dodgers 5-3, they play them again today at 9:10pm, The Cards are currently 3rd in the NL Central

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