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*We should have a break in the rain this morning but storms could develop again this afternoon. High today near 85


*Firefighters in Maplewood responded to a 2 alarm fire at Harmony Health and Healing around 6:15am.  Emergency officials closed down Manchester Road to traffic in the area. 



MICHAEL COHEN: Ex-Trump Lawyer Investigated for $20 Million Bank Fraud

Donald Trump's former lawyer appears to be in deep trouble. Federal authorities are looking into his possible bank and tax fraud. They're focusing on more than $20 million in loans taken out for taxi businesses owned by Cohen and his family, say sources familiar with the investigation.

Two sources say investigators are also checking to see whether the 52-year-old Cohen broke campaign finance and other laws by helping to arrange payouts to women who claimed to have sexual encounters with Trump. Those charges could come by the end of the month. (The New York Times)

Chuck Schumer Calls Out The FDA Over Weed Killer Chemical Found In Cereal

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is calling on the FDA to release its findings on the presence of a popular weed-killer found in everyday foods.

A report released by the Environmental Working Group last week found traces of cancer-causing glyphosate [[ gly-fo-sayt ]] in such foods as breakfast cereals, granola bars and oatmeal, among others.

Schumer says the Food and Drug Administration has been conducting its own investigation into the chemical, which is an ingredient in the pesticide Roundup, but is “sitting” on the results. The senator says that is not acceptable. 

Source: New York Post

ICE: Man Detained While Driving Pregnant Wife To Hospital Is Wanted For Murder In Mexico - 

A California man was detained by ICE while driving his wife to the hospital to give birth.

Maria del Carmen Venegas says husband Joel Arrona-Lara was taking her to the hospital to deliver by Cesarean section on Wednesday when they stopped at a San Bernardino gas station. While at the station, ICE agents took Arrona-Lara into custody.

Immigration officials say they detained the man because he was wanted on an outstanding homicide warrant in Mexico. However, the official ICE paperwork says the new dad was simply undocumented.

Source: CBS Los Angeles


You May Be Able To Boost Your Luck - Have you ever wondered why some people are so lucky and you aren’t? It may be all about attitude.

Author Karla Starr, who’s been amazingly unlucky in her life, says she discovered along the way that luck may be a mindset. The best part? It can be learned! A study backs up Starr’s thinking.

Here’s what the author says we need to to do to maximize luck.

  • Keep showing up. Get out there and try.
  • Real luck depends on other people, so start connecting.
  • Loosen up your current life structure. Be flexible and open minded.
  • Minimize stressors to maximize luck. Stress holds us back in many ways.
  • Lucky items really are, so keep them.

Source: Today


*The Cards lost to the Brewers 2-1 they take on the Dodgers at 9:10pm

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