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Here We Go With Another Dangerous Challenge: The Hot Water Challenge - 

In case you didn’t know, getting hot water on your skin can cause severe burns that require hospitalization and months or years of painful treatments. Parents be aware now there's the Hot Water Challenge going around on social media... it’s caused injuries and a death. It involves having boiling hot water poured on you.

A Fifteen-year-old has second and third degree burns on his back, face, and chest after his friends poured boiling water on him while he was sleeping recently.  Another twist to the challenge is drinking hot water through a straw.

Source: Forbes


Minneapolis Police Release Thurman Blevins Shooting Video - 

Police in Minneapolis are releasing several videos of what led to the fatal shooting of a 31 year-old black man by white officers a week ago.

Thurman Blevins was shot by police after running from officers. The video shows officers chasing Blevins, telling him to stop or they will shoot, Blevins asking not to be shot, and finally Blevins pulling a gun from his waistband before being shot by Officers Justin Schmidt and Ryan Kelly. It's not clear if Blevins fired his gun, something Schimdt's lawyer claims the video shows.

Blevins' family has called for the officers to be prosecuted. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said that regardless of the facts, the loss of life is a tragedy and that the pain of inequities beyond policing are felt acutely by people of color. Both officers are on leave pending the investigation.

See the video here

Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Larry Kudlow: Trump Deserves Victory Lap Over Economy - 

The Director of the U.S. National Economic Council believes President Trump deserves a "victory lap" for the nation's current economic status.

On CNN's State of the Union, Larry Kudlow said Trump is not to blame for trade wars. He says the President "inherited a broken world trading system" and he's doing his best to fix it.

Kudlow believes tariffs are a good thing when they're targeted for a good purpose like China. He claims the President is a "free trader who wants to have no tariffs." Kudlow blamed China for the broken system and praised the progress made between the EU and U.S. last week.

Source: CNN

Firefighters Are Battling Blazes Across the West - 

In California alone 17 wildfires are eating up land and property, with no end in sight.

A second firefighters has died fighting the Ferguson Fire burning near Yosemite National Park. The Hotshot was struct by a falling sequoia while battling the inferno. Over 54-thousand acres have burned. Parts of Yosemite National Park are expected to remain closed throughout this week. Between all the fires, including the deadly Carr fire, twelve thousand firefighters are trying to douse the flames.

Meanwhile, two wildfires burning near the Utah-Nevada border are now one large fire. The Goose Creek Fire met and merged with the China Jim Fire yesterday, creating a fire that has burned over 100-thousand-acres. Officials say both blazes started Saturday and were caused by lightning. The fire is about 15-percent contained.

Colorado is battling a few blazes with the bonus of a large flash flooding risk due to the damage to plant life. 

Source: AXIOS

Congressman John Lewis Is Fine After Health Scare On A Plane - 

Congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis is out of the hospital after falling sick on a plane Saturday.

A spokesperson said the 78-year-old was given a clean bill of health after doctors completed their tests. Lewis thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers during his hospital stay. The Georgia Democrat was being treated at an Atlanta-area hospital and released last night. He was on a Detroit bound plane when he felt dizzy and broke out in a sweat.

In 1965, Lewis was with Martin Luther King Junior when nonviolent demonstrators crossed the Edmund Pettis Bridge in Selma, Alabama and were beaten by police. He's served in Congress since 1987.

Source: WSB-TV


The Cards lost to the Cubs last night 5-2

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