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*Vice president Mike Pence will be in St. Louis today at an event promoting the administration’s tax cuts. It happens this morning at the St. Louis Marriott Grand on Washington Avenue. 



Suspects In British Nerve Agent Poisoning Have Been Identified -

British police believe they've identified the people who used a Soviet-designed nerve agent to try and kill a one-time Russian double agent and his daughter.

Investigators say several Russians were involved in the murder attempt. Sixty-six-year-old Sergei Skripal and his 33-year-old daughter Yuliawere found collapsed on a bench near his home in Salisbury in early March. They recovered after months of intensive treatment.

The identifications were apparently made through CCTV and have cross-checked this with records of people who entered the country around that time.

Investigators found high concentrations of the chemical known as Novichok on door handles at Skripal's home. 

Source: Telegraph

Initiative To Split California Into Three States Won’t Make The Election Ballot - 

An initiative to divide California into three states will not appear on the November ballot.

The California Supreme Court, yesterday, blocked Proposition 9 from reaching the ballot. The court cited significant questions regarding the proposition's validity, and said the potential harm in permitting the measure to remain on the ballot outweighed the potential harm in delaying the proposition to a future election.

Opponents say Prop 9 conflicts with the state's constitution, and that any potential revision of the constitution would have to first be approved by the state legislature.

The proposal would’ve asked voters if they wanted the state split into California, Northern California, and Southern California. Venture capitalist Tim Draper sunk more than $1.7 million on the initiative and criticized the decision in a statement: "Whether you agree or not with this initiative, this is not the way democracies are supposed to work." 

Source: USA Today

California Fire Threatens Yosemite National Park

The Ferguson Fire near Yosemite National Park continues to roar through steep terrain with minimal containment.

The Forest Service says the blaze ripped through another five-thousand-acres during the day yesterday and now totals more than 17-thousand-acres, with containment remaining at just five-percent.

Two firefighters were injured yesterday fighting the inferno and one died on Saturday. 18-hundred firefighters are trying to contain the massive blaze that threatens Yosemite national Park and has closed a main road into the area. Highway 140 remains closed near the western entrance to Yosemite, but the park is still open.

On the bright side, the fire was reported as fairly quiet overnight, allowing crews to secure lines around Cedar Lodge and Indian Flat. 

Source: KGO-TV

Tent Collapse Injures Soldiers At California Army Base - 

Nearly two-dozen soldiers are recovering after they were injured when a tent collapsed at an Army base on the Central California coast.

It happened yesterday at Fort Hunter Liggett in Monterey County. The Army says a helicopter coming in to land kicked up a lot of wind and caused a tent structure to collapse, injuring 22 soldiers. Most had only minor injuries and were treated on the base.

Two were airlifted to a hospital in Fresno and two others were taken to a nearby hospital. The accident happened during training exercises with all branches of the military and Canadian Armed Forces troops.


Baltimore Says Goodbye To Sugary Drinks With Kids Meals - 

Baltimore is banning sugary drinks from kids menus in restaurants.

It's the first major U.S. city to take that step. The ban that took effect yesterday is aimed at promoting healthy habits in families with young children by making water, milk, and 100-percent fruit juices the default beverage options on the kids menu.

Parents can still order sodas and other sugary drinks for their kids. Baltimore is making the move to combat what's seen as a major childhood obesity problem. The city's health commissioner says one in four Baltimore high school students is obese.

Seven California cities and Lafayette, Colorado have already put similar bans in place.

Source: Baltimore Sun

FBI Director Stands Firm On Russian Meddling - 

FBI Director Chris Wray is not changing his belief that Russia meddled in the 2016 election.

At the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado, Wray noted that Russia is still trying to target the U.S. political system by sowing discord between people. He explained that Russia uses propaganda and "fake news" to stir up divisiveness between Americans on both sides of the political spectrum.

However, he noted they have not yet tried to go after election infrastructure. Wray's comments come days after President Trump's meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Wray also mentioned that Russia offered to help interrogate their nationals indicted by the Mueller investigation. The FBI chief said that was not high on his favorite investigative method.

Source: Bloomberg


Bacon And Hot Dogs May Make You Manic - If you can’t sleep and you happen to be a bacon lover, it may be your culprit.

We know, someone’s always pointing the finger at bacon for one bad thing or another, but this time hot dogs are naughty too. A study in the journal Molecular Psychiatry says that if you have trouble sleeping, have euphoria or hyperactivity, it may be the nitrates in the food.

Nitrates are used to cure hot dogs and bacon and the more you eat, the more it may affect you. Mania is what they call the condition associated with the sleep problems and they hyper and euphoria symptoms.

The researchers never asked the subjects how much cured meat they ate, so no one is sure how much of the cured food you have to eat for problems to start.

On a depressing note, the World Health Organization already classes salted, cured and fermented meats as a leading cause of cancer.

Source: New York Post


*The Cardinals take on the Cubs today at 6:05pm

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