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IHOP Is Going To Deliver - 

IHOP is finally refocused on what they do well…pancakes.

The company is celebrating its 60 birthday this year with news that you’ll be able to get those delish breakfasts delivered! They’ve teamed up with DoorDash to make it happen. They already have online ordering, but the new deal widens the delivery reach.

The service will launch from 300 restaurants. You’ll be able to get their new line of burgers too. 

Source: Bustle


*Cher - says she's releasing an album of ABBA covers, all done in her own style! 


Meghan Markle's father isn't ready to stop blabbing to the media -- not until the British Royal Family acknowledges him.

Only two days after telling The Sun he was doing his "last interview," Thomas Markle did another with TMZ. He told the gossip blog, "I was silent for a full year and the press beat me up every day saying I was a hermit hiding in Mexico, so I gave my story. Apparently that interview put the Royal Family in their silence mode ... so, I gave another interview to break the silence. All they have to do is speak to me.”

The new Duchess and Prince Harry were reportedly "frustrated" about his paid interview with The Sun, but Thomas remains hopeful that his daughter will reach out. He says, "Tomorrow is my birthday, 74 years old, and I’m enjoying the fact that I can make the entire Royal Family not speak and maybe I can get a laugh out of the Duchess."


*Kate Winslet, Diane Keaton and Mia Wasikowska will star in Blackbird, a remake of the Danish drama Silent Heart, about a "terminally ill mother who brings her family together for one last weekend before she commits suicide." (Variety)


*A show based on Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles has been put into development at Hulu, according to Variety. The 1994 Brad Pitt - Tom Cruisemovie Interview With the Vampire was based on the first book in the series.


*The CW is developing a Batwoman series. If it gets picked up, it would debut in 2019. (Variety)


*Michelle Williams - Former Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams has checked herself into a mental health facility for depression and has been there for at least several days. “For years I have dedicated myself to increasing awareness of mental health and empowering people to recognize when it’s time to seek help, support and guidance from those that love and care for your well being,” she tweeted to fans Tuesday. “Today I proudly, happily and healthily stand here as someone who will continue to always lead by example as I tirelessly advocate for the betterment of those in need.” Williams has been open about her mental health struggles, and last fall revealed that she has had suicidal thoughts in the past. 


San Francisco Puts A Stop To “Full House” Home Tours - 

It took long enough!

San Francisco transit officials are banning tour buses from going anywhere near the "Full House" House. The city's Municipal Transportation Agency voted in favor of prohibiting all commercial vehicles that seat at least nine people from being on the street where the House is.

Neighbors of the iconic Victorian made famous on the 1990s TV sitcom and the "Fuller House" reboot said they were sick and tired of the hundreds of tourists that jam their Lower Pacific Heights street. Visitors typically line up at all hours of the day to take photos in front of the home. The ban will reportedly be in effect within the next six weeks.

Source: KGO

“America’s Got Talent” Duo’s Trapeze Stunt Goes Wrong -

 America was almost treated to a deadly result instead of entertainment last night on “AGT.”

Mary and Tyce, a husband and wife trapeze team, amazed the crowd through their performance of gravity defying feats. The judges and crowd reacted with excitement at every stunt, then came the finale.

Tyce, who is legally blind in one eye, blindfolded himself as he hung upside down and prepared to catch his wife. Mary fell backwards so he could catch her by the ankles, but he didn’t grab hold and she fell with a thud to the floor. The judges and audience turned away in shock and some screamed.

Luckily, the safety mat broke her fall, but left her in some pain. Her 2-year-old son and mother were in the wings watching. The couple, after embracing, asked for a do-over, but they all agreed it wasn’t necessary as Howie Mandel said “You almost got hurt very badly and your first thought was ‘Let me do that again!’ only on America’s Got Talent does that happen.”

The couple has moved forward in the competition despite the near fatal error.

Walmart May Go Up Against Netflix And Amazon With Streaming Service - 

Walmart might be getting into the video-streaming business.

A report out Monday said Walmart is considering the launch of a subscription-based video-streaming service to compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Walmart would apparently charge less than eight dollars for the service, making it cheaper than both Netflix and Prime.

We’re talking a free, ad supported only service. Of course that’s one option. The retail giant just teamed with Microsoft to boost its digital presence and the software leader could very well partner in this effort too.

The retailer reportedly believes a cheaper service would be popular with Walmart customers in middle America. Walmart has yet to comment. It’s a wait and see…

Source: Engadget

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