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*Sunny today high near 94


A crash is causing delays and lane closures in St. Louis County this morning. At last check two southbound lanes of Interstate 270 were closed near Page as emergency crews respond to a crash.


*Ikea recalled a water dispenser for pets Wednesday after two dogs got their heads stuck in it and died. Around 7,000 Lurvig water dispensers were sold between October 2017 and July 2018.


*Police in St. Louis City and County received more than 800 calls about fireworks on July 4 and July 5. City Police issued 1 citation. County Police issued 2, police say calls for fireworks are a lower priority because it can be difficult to locate the person who set off the fireworks.



Lisa Page Ignores House Committee’s Subpoena -

 Complying with a congressional subpoena is not optional.  That's what Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan said yesterday after former FBI attorney Lisa Page refused to take questions behind closed doors. Ryan said he was very disturbed by Page's decision to defy a House subpoena. Republicans want to question Page about anti-Trump text messages that she exchanged with FBI agent Peter Strzok [[ struck ]] during the last presidential campaign. The. two were reportedly having an affair at the time.

Strzok is scheduled to testify in an open House hearing today. Meantime, a statement from Page's attorney Amy Jeffress said Page has nothing to hide and has offered to testify voluntarily, later this month. Jeffress is seeking "access to relevant documents" so Page can provide "complete and accurate testimony." She also accused House Republicans of trying to bully her client.

Page will be given two options by the House Judiciary and Oversight committee: Appear for a closed-door interview later this week or testify alongside FBI agent Peter Strzok at a public hearing scheduled for Thursday.

Source: CNN

Court: TSA Screeners Can’t Be Suited For False Arrest

This court ruling may open a can of worms. A federal appeals court is ruling that TSA screeners at airports have virtual immunity from claims of assault and false arrest. The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia said that Transportation Security Administration officers can't be sued because they are not investigative or law enforcement officers. The ruling involved a Florida woman who sued the TSA for false arrest and imprisonment after a security check ended with her being jailed. The judges who ruled in the majority said they sympathize with the idea that fliers don't have much opportunity to file grievances. 

Source: The Verge

The First Friday the 13th Partial Solar Eclipse In 40 Years is Tomorrow - 

It’s not as cool as last year’s total solar eclipse, but tomorrow’s partial eclipse is creepy and rare.

Friday the 13th, for many people is a day of bad luck. Throw in the moon somewhat blocking the sun and you’ve got plenty more superstition. The last one of these happened in 1974 and the next will be in 2080.

Don’t get excited about seeing the event in the sky, it will mostly be visible between Antarctica and the Southern tip of Australia. Tasmania will have the best view.

There are several sites where you can view the event online. 

Source: Time

Woman Sues United Over Groping By Pilot -

 United Airlines is being sued by a woman who was groped on a flight.

Anne Dowling was seated next to Monte Wedl, at the time an off duty Fed Ex pilot, for a trans-Pacific flight. Dowling slept on and off during the flight and was awakened by Wedl’a hand on the back of her leg. She “shooed” him off. The second time, he groped even worse.

After the third time, when she wok up to him manipulating himself too, she asked for a new seat. She was told to sit next to Wedl and “talk to him.” The head flight attendant did move her.

Dowling is going for 75-thousand dollars damages in the lawsuit that claims United didn’t handle the situation properly. 

Source: NBC News

Former Tesla Employee Turns Whistleblower -

 A former Tesla employee, accused of sabotaging the company, is accusing the electric car company of misleading investors and putting people at risk.

Martin Tripp has filed a whistleblower tip with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission claiming the company knowingly built batteries with holes in them and misled investors about how many Tesla Model 3s were being produced.

Tripp has now hired the lawyer responsible for the 22.5 million dollar recent judgement against Monstanto. Tesla has characterized Tripp as a disgruntled ex-employee who was out to harm their business because he was passed over for a promotion at the Gigafactory

Tesla is already suing Tripp for one million dollars, accusing the former technician of hacking confidential information and giving it to third parties.

Source: CNBC


*The Cards lost to the White Sox 4-0, they play the Reds tomorrow

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