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*Sunny today high near 95


*The man accused of animal abuse made a court appearance yesterday. Jason Hampton is charge with shooting, hitting with a hammer and leaving a yellow dog named Trooper for dead near Farmington. Animal Activists were also there and peacefully were the voice for Trooper, they call themselves Team Trooper.



Trump Praises Pfizer Plan To Roll Back Price Hikes - 

Drug maker Pfizer is undoing price hikes after the company's CEO spoke with President Trump.

The company explained the move saying it's giving the President a chance to work on his healthcare plan that he promises will reduce healthcare and drug prices. Pfizer increased costs for three dozen drugs at the start of this month, but now those drugs will go back to pre-July 1st prices as soon as possible.

There’s a hitch though; the prices will go up by the end of the year or possibly when a replacement for Obamacare goes into effect. On Twitter, President Trump praised Pfizer, calling it great news for Americans.

Source: CNN

Charter Plane Crashes On Alaska Mountain And Everyone Survives - 

Everyone on board a charter plane in Alaska is alive after crashing on Prince of Wales Island.

Amazingly, only some of the passengers had injuries. The Taquan Air flight was enjoying the flight near Ketchican when the float equipped plane crashed and the pilot was able to call 911. That made for the quick response and transport of those on board to a local hospital.

Taquan Air suspended the rest of their flights to cooperate with the NTSB and FAA investigation into the cause of the crash. The pilot is being praised by the Coast Guard for his handling of the situation.

Source; ABC News

Trump Administration Misses Reunification Deadline -

 The Trump administration has missed a deadline to reunite around 100 migrant children with their parents.

Officials say 38 children have been reunited with their families. U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw had concluded that 63 of the group of about 100 kids had to be returned by yesterday, noting the other cases were more complicated. Those complications include "some parents being found unsuitable for reunification because of issues discovered during a criminal background check, including child cruelty, child smuggling, narcotics crimes, robbery convictions, and a warrant for murder."

Judge Sabraw said any failure in the effort must be documented by Thursday and discussed the following day in court. The judge made clear that yesterday’s deadline and the July 26th deadline for reunifying the three-thousand other kids "are firm deadlines, not aspirational goals." 

Source: NBC News

Wisconsin Gas Explosion Sends Firefighters To The Hospital - 

Two firefighters are hospitalized after gas leak explosions and fire in Sun Prairie.

The blasts happenedlast night 40 minutes after a gas line was ruptured by a contractor eho hit the main. Authorities were able to begin an evacuation immediately after the leak was reported. A downtown bar and several other buildings were leveled in the explosion and a massive fire broke out at a pizza restaurant.

Two firefighters were sent to the hospital and a police officer and several members of the public were treated on the scene with minor injuries. A search-and-rescue operation began after the fire was put out. Officials credit no deaths due to people smelling and reporting the leak immediately.

Clean up continues today.

Source: WISC TV


Cards beat the White Sox 14-2

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