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Facebook Algorithms Find Declaration Of Independence Racist - 

Facebook is apologizing after its algorithms blocked an excerpt from the Declaration of Independence as hate speech.

The newspaper in the Houston suburb of Liberty, Texas, the "Liberty County Vindicator," posted small pieces of America's founding document on its Facebook page each day in the run-up to the Fourth of July. The first nine excerpts ran with no problems but Part Ten ran afoul of Facebook's standards on hate speech. The offending section included Thomas Jefferson's reference to "merciless Indian savages." Facebook later sent an apology for blocking the post.

An assistant editor of the political magazine "Reason" said this shows that a robot trained to spot politically incorrect language isn't smart enough to detect when it's part of a historically significant document. 

Source: CNN

*Trade War - China on Friday accused the United States of starting "the biggest trade war in economic history" as US tariffs took effect on Chinese goods worth $34 billion.

*Viral Talking Crow - A British couple visiting Knaresborough Castle in North Yorkshire captured video of a crow that surprised onlookers with an English greeting: "You all right, love? I'm all right."

Another OSU Wrestler Says Congressman Knew About Athlete Abuse - 

Four former Ohio State wrestlers have now come forward saying their assistant coach, now Congressman, did nothing to report or stop sexual abuse of the athletes.

Another former Ohio State University wrestler says Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan knew a team doctor was molesting athletes back when Jordan was an assistant coach for the team. Forty-three-year-old Shawn Dailey says he was too embarrassed to report the incident directly to Jordan when he wrestled for the team, but Jordan regularly took part in conversations about the doctor's behavior.

Dailey says it was well known, and talked about, that if a wrestler went to Dr. Richard Strauss they would end up having to pull their pants down. Strauss, who was team doctor in the mid-90s, commited suicide in 2005. An investigation about the accusations was opened in April.

Congressman Jordan has repeatedly denied knowing of the team doctor's abuse

Source: NBC News

Thai Navy SEAL Dies While Helping With Soccer Team Rescue Efforts - 

Officials in Thailand say a former Thai navy SEAL died while working on the rescue operation of a boys soccer team.

The 12 boys and a coach have been trapped in a flooded cave system for nearly two weeks. The Thai diver was taking supplies to the group when he died from lack of oxygen. Levels where the boys are located seem to be at 15-percent, so the SEAL was attempting to deliver oxygen tanks.

Authorities are trying to figure out how to get the boys out of the cave because it could remain flooded for months. One option is teaching the boys how to dive and having them swim out of the cave.

Meanwhile, water was accidentally pumped back into the cave while rescuers were draining water out. It didn’t have a significant impact on the operations. 

Source: Guardian


*The Cards beat San Francisco 11-2, they play the Giants today

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