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Partly cloudy today, a stray shower is possible the high is 97


*One person was taken to the hospital after being hit on the Poplar Street Bridge early this morning.  Two lanes of the roadway are blocked as emergency crews responded to the area. Tim Gilbert will updated you in traffic.


Firefighters spent the overnight hours battling flames at the Macklind Avenue Deli at Macklind Avenue & Nottingham Avenue.  Firefighters were called to the scene at about 1 a.m.  The cause of the fire is unknown and still under investigation.



Rest In Peace Duke from Bushes Baked Beans, the dog's real name was Sam and he passed away from cancer, Bushes Baked Beans released a statement."While Sam has not worked with us in years, we are saddened by the news of his passing and are grateful to have had him depict Duke,'' the company wrote. 

Americans Are Reading Less And Less

Reading is not a popular past time in the U.S. anymore.

According to a survey released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spent an average of 16.8 minutes a day reading. That is the least amount of time Americans have dedicated to it since 2003. 

What are Americans doing? Sitting in front of the TV. The survey says Americans spent an average of 166.2 minutes (or 2.77 hours) per day watching TV in 2017. Doing the math, almost ten times as much as the 16.8 minutes they spent on average reading.

The study shows that women read more than man and the time spent reading goes up with age. People who didn’t go to college also read more than those who did. 

Source: Yellow Hammer News

The Heatwave Has Turned Deadly - 

Three people in the Northeast have died from the heatwave.

A woman gardening in Pennsylvania, an elderly man in New York City, and a 30-year-old man in Wilmington, NY have all died due to the hot temps. Two deaths in Kansas City are also being looked at and in Texas, three people attending a holiday event were taken to the hospital.

103 million Americans from the Midwest to the Northeast and South are under heat alerts, with not only heat indexes hitting triple digits, but in some spots, temperatures too. The weather isn’t supposed to start breaking until tomorrow, so remember to stay indoors as much as possible, stay hydrated, and check on vulnerable neighbors and family. 

Source: CBS News

Rescuers Race To Drain Tunnels Holding Thai Soccer Team, Before More Rain Comes - 

Rescuers in Thailand are hard at work trying to free 12 boys trapped in a cave before heavy rain hits the area.

Thailand is expecting monsoon weather in a few days, and crews are trying to get a young soccer team and their coach out of the cave before the waters rise. They've been stuck deep inside the narrow cave since they entered it 12 days ago and it became flooded by heavy rain.

None of the boys know how to swim, so an international rescue effort has been launched to try and save them. A Thai official says water is being pumped out of the cave, and rescue workers are now able to walk through the first mile. If rains start again, the only way in and out of the cave, in spots, will be to swim underwater.

The boys and their coach are stuck about two-and-a-half miles inside the cave. Thai SEALs and medics are with the team and have sent some video back to the families of those trapped.

Source: ESPN

Pompeo Preps For North Korea Follow Up Meeting - 

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is preparing to head to North Korea to follow-up on the historic summit between President Trump and North Korea's leader.

The secretary leaves tomorrow and will spend two days in North Korea. At the June 12th summit in Singapore, the President and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un agreed to work toward ridding nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula. Pompeo is hoping this week's talks will outline a road map toward that goal.

It’s widely believed that the North has no plans to completely dismantle its nuclear program. That puts a lot of pressure on Pompeo to bring results from this third meeting since the summit.

Source: CNN

President Tweets About High Oil Prices And Gets A Response - 

President Trump is demanding that OPEC lower oil prices.

On Twitter, he blamed the oil trading organization for driving up prices, adding in all caps, "REDUCE PRICING NOW!" He said OPEC needs to realize that gas prices are up and that they aren't doing anything to help bring them down.

Trump has been pressuring OPEC member Saudi Arabia to boost oil production. In response to the tweet, Iran’s OPEC governor released a statement saying "Please stop it, otherwise it will go even higher!" The statement went on to say that the president’s tweets have driven the price up by 10 dollars a barrel.

Crude prices have jumped 60-percent in the last 12 months.

Source: Business Insider


*The Cardinals won 8-4 versus the Arizona Diamondbacks

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