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On the first day the NHL could sign free agents, the Blues signed three players. They also got center Ryan O’Reilly, a 27 year old who scored 24 goals and 37 assists. To get him, they traded Berglund, Sobotka, & Thompson AND their second round draft pick in 2021.



Heat Wave Continues to Blanket Most Of The Country - 

The high heat that's been blanketing most of the U.S. isn't letting up and it’s spreading.

The National Weather Service says temperatures are expected to be in the mid-90's to low triple digits today. More than 113 million Americans are under some form of heat warning or advisory, stretching from Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas and Arkansas to New York and parts of New Hampshire.

Even if locations don’t hit triple digits and break records, like is widely expected, the heat index will make it feel like it is.

People are being urged to stay indoors as much as possible and check on children and the elderly as well as pets. Remember to make sure you don’t leave kids or pets in the car!

Source: NBC News

Tour Boat Explodes Of The Bahamas Killing And American - 

At least one American tourist is dead and ten people are injured after a tour boat exploded in the Bahamas over the weekend.

Royal Bahamas Police say the boat was carrying ten American tourists and two Bahamians when an engine exploded, setting the boat on fire Saturday morning. A Bahamian government official said an American woman was killed. Four other Americans were airlifted to a hospital in Florida.

The U.S. Coast Guard says the others are being treated at a hospital in Nassau. The investigation into the cause of the tragedy is underway.

Source: ABC News

Man Killed By Portland State University Officers Is Identified -

 A man who was apparently trying to break up a fight outside a Portland State University dorm has been identified, but the University isn’t the group who did it.

Jason Washington’s family and friends shared who the veteran was. Washington was attempting, by several witness accounts, to break up a fight when a gun in his waist band holster fell out. As he went to pick it up, campus police shot and killed the man.

Not only was Washington dad and grandfather, but a Navy veteran, and also a Postal Service employee.

Students at the university are protesting the shooting and are demanding the disarming of campus security. What’s being pointed out is the apparently trigger happy nature of the incident. “There's nothing to indicate he did anything wrong," said Olivia Pace, a member of the Portland State Student Union.

Washington’s family attended one of the rallies and wrote memorial messages to the man on pillars near the scene.

 Source: KATU

Mexico Elects A New President- 

Mexican populist Andrés Manuel López Obrador will be the next president of Mexico after winning in the country's election.

He represents a left-wing political party that he founded four years ago. López Obrador ran on the message that he'd stop violence, corruption and inequality. He also promised to demand respect from President Trump.

The election of this president marks a huge change for Mexico because the country has been ruled by the same two political parties for almost the last century. This election was the largest of its kind in Mexico with almost 90-million eligible voters and 18-thousand open government positions.

President Trump took to Twitter to congratulate the new president.

 (The New York Times)


The Braves beat the Cards 6-5 they play the Diamondbacks today at 8:40pm

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