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A Big CONGRATS to Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic they have officially spade or neutered 60,000 pets! This is great news! This is a big step in helping reduce the number of dogs and catsin 

*An airline is set to announce that it is coming to St. Louis! Lambert Airport tweeted about it yesterday saying the announcement is at 10am today!  Lambert says they have seen grown the 32nd straight month!  Airport officials say through May, the total passenger activity at Lambert has increased 5.2% over the same time frame from a year ago.



Prince William Makes History With Israel Visit - 

Prince William is making history on his five-day visit to the Middle East.

He is the first senior member of the British Royal Family to make an official visit to Israel and the West Bank. Today William is in Jerusalem, where his first stop was the Yad Vashem [[ YAHD vah-SHEM ]] Holocaust memorial. He's also scheduled to meet separately with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu [[ net-an-YAH-hoo ]] and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas [[ MOCK-mood ah-BOSS ]]. Prince William began his meetings in the region Sunday when he met with Jordan's Crown Prince in Amman.

William’s great-grandmother, Princess Alice was credited with saving Jews from Hitler’s army in WWII. She his them on her property. 

Source: NBC News

New Zealand Man Trying To Enter Teen’s Home Shot By Mother - 

A man from New Zealand who tried to see a U.S. teen who broke off communication with him was shot by her mother.

Troy Skinner, 25, was shot breaking into a Goochland County, Virginia home. Deputies say on Friday Skinner was shot by the mother of a 14-year-old girl he was traveled halfway around the world to see. The girl had chatted with Skinner online for months but apparently cut ties with him.

Deputies say when he was shot he was banging a brick into the house and had a knife, duct tape and pepper spray on him. The mother warned him to stop and shot him in the neck when he successfully shattered a glass pane. Skinner is expected to survive and the FBI has joined the investigation.

New Zealand police are assisting in the investigation. The man will be charged with breaking and entering with a deadly weapon with the intent to commit a serious crime.

Source: ABC News

FBI Heads Will Be In The Congressional Hot Seat This Week - 

The FBI Director and Deputy Attorney General are set to testify before the House Judiciary Committee this week.

Director Christopher Wray and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein will be grilled by the House committee on Thursday over the FBI's handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email use.

The hearing will cover the recently released inspector general report that blamed the FBI and former Director James Comey for mishandling the probe. Director Wray has promised to make changes in light of the report.

Source: Washington Examiner

FDA Greenlights Drug Made Of Marijuana -

 The Food and Drug Administrating is green-lighting the first-ever pharmaceutical drug made of marijuana.

It's called epidiolex [[ e-PID-e-oh-lex ]], and can be used to treat rare forms of epilepsy when paired with other pharmaceuticals. The drug is made from cannabidiol (CBD), which does not produce a high. Epidiolex will be on the market in the fall.

The move gives lawmakers a chance to work on decriminalizing marijuana.

Source: Stat


Scientists Think A Super Volcano Is Brewing Underneath Some Northeast States - 

Someone cue The Rock! This is right up his alley. A super volcano is said to be brewing under Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

A huge mass of molten rock has been discovered creeping towards the earth’s surface. The mass was found only because of a large scale seismic study. There are no volcanoes in the area and this one won’t surface for millions of years. It does give researchers a chance to find out why it is forming. 

Source: Fox News

First-Ever Fully Robot-Made Hamburger Restaurant To Open In SF -

 The first-ever fully robot-made hamburger restaurant is set to open in San Francisco this week.

"Creator" is the name of the much-anticipated eatery, as well as the robot that can slice and toast buns, grind and sear meat, and assemble the burger to order in five minutes. It’s so precise that spices and condiments are placed to the milimeter.

The gourmet burgers will be organic, locally-sourced, and cost just six-dollars. Creator opens its doors on Wednesday.Source: Tech Crunch


The Cards beat the Indians 4-0, they play them again today at 7:15pm

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