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*Isolated thunderstorms then cloudy this afternoon with thunderstorms possible high 76


*West Nile

Summer is here and so are mosquitoes -- as well as the diseases they can carry. The first human cases of West Nile virus have been confirmed for 2018. The Illinois Department of Public Health confirmed a West Nile diagnosis for a Chicago woman in her 60s, this week, and the California Department of Public Health confirmed four people with the virus last week. 

Heavy Rains Force Texas Evacuations - 

Six Texas counties have declared states of emergency after more than a foot of rain fell on parts of the state.

Heavy rains in south Texas are forcing people to evacuate their flooded homes. Sixteen inches of rain have fallen in the border town of McAllen, Texas since Monday, turning streets into rivers and submerging cars. Some roads have crumbled in the raging waters.

Over 200 people have had to be rescued by emergency crews. The south Texas region is expected to start drying out Friday. Rain has been hammering the area for days.

Source: Weather Channel

Men Accused Of Bombing Minnesota Mosque Now Charged With A Hate Crime -

 Three men accused of bombing a Minnesota mosque are being charged with hate crimes.

The three suspects were already charged with arson for the bombing in the Minneapolis suburb of Bloomington last year, but now a federal grand jury has added civil rights and hate crime counts.

Prosecutors say the trio traveled from Illinois to Minnesota to toss a bomb in the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center last August. The bomb damaged an office in the mosque, but no one was hurt. One of the suspects is also under indictment for leading an anti-government group.

Source: Minnesota Public Radio

Big Banks Clear Stress Test -

 The largest banks in the country are passing the first stage of the Fed's annual stress test.

The Federal Reserve found that 35 of the country's largest banks would be able to maintain enough capital in a major recession to meet regulations. Even though banks like JPMorgan Chase & Co, Citigroup and Bank of America Corp would be hit with 578-billion dollars in losses, the Fed says their high-quality capital would keep them afloat in a potential crisis.

The stress test is a tool to help ensure the banking industry will be able to weather a financial crisis. The Fed reports that ever since the tests started in 2009, banks have added over 800-billion dollars in capital. 

Source: CNBC

South Korean President Is In Russia For Talks 

South Korea's president is visiting Russia to try to sign economic agreements that might further encourage North Korea to denuclearize.

President Moon Jae-in will be working toward economic cooperation as well as filling Vladimir Putin in on the North Korea situation. The possibility of three way talks is also being discussed.

Last week the Russian president said he would be happy to have Kim Jong Un visit. Putin has backed President Trump's attempts to secure denuclearization.

Source: Channel News Asia


The Brewers beat the St. Louis Cardinals 11-3

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