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Roseanne May Waive Profits So Spinoff Can Happen - 

When Roseanne Barr tweeted before thinking, she affected a lot of lives. Now it seems she’s trying to make up for it.

Negotiations have been rumored to have taken place about a “Roseanne” spinoff centering on another character. The one sticking point for ABC and several others involved is the the disgraced star would still get profits from it, as a creator of the original show.

An insider says “Roseanne feels so bad about her antics she is trying to figure out a way to help people harmed by the cancellation. She’s considering giving up financial and creative participation in a spinoff so the people she loves can have jobs. Barr holding on is a stumbling block.”

No one’s talking, so it’s wait and see.

Source: Page Six

Account Steals Millions From Marc Anthony

An accountant is admitting to stealing more than nine-million-dollars from Latin singer Marc Anthony.

Apparently, Kyle Tessiero racked up millions of charges on Anthony’s American Express Card including thousands on high-end strip clubs, travel and fancy meals. When AmEx questioned a charge, the accountant turned himself in. He tried to hide the theft by paying the card off with the singer’s bank account.

Tessiero took a plea deal and could spend up-to-nine-years in prison when he's sentenced on September 12th.

Source: Page Six


*Pete Davidson spent $100,000 for the engagement ring he put on Ariana Grande's finger. TMZ says the three-carat diamond bling was custom made for the singer.

*On Tuesday, John Travolta returned to the Brooklyn, New York pizzeria he made made famous in Saturday Night Fever. The actor was at Lenny's Pizzeria to celebrate "John Travolta Day" in the borough -- and to promote his new flick, Gotti, which opens on Friday (Page Six)

*Stanley Tucci and wife Felicity Blunt welcomed a baby girl, Emilia Giovanna Tucci, on April 19th. Tucci tells People magazine, “Hopefully she will have the looks and brains of her mother and one of my personalities.” The couple also has a three-year-old son named Matteo Oliver.

*A fire destroyed a Queens, New York diner featured in Goodfellas Monday. The restaurant was the setting of a memorable scene from the gangster movie when Robert De Niro's character steps outside to make a call on a pay phone and learns that Joe Pesci's character has been killed. (NY Post)

*Bryan Singer will get directing credit on Bohemian Rhapsody -- even though he was fired from the movie. Dexter Fletcher replaced him to finish the last two weeks of the shoot. Fox fired Singer after repeated absences had forced the studio to delay production.

*Avengers: Infinity War has hit the $2 billion mark at the global box office. It's only the fourth movie to do so, following Avatar ($2.79 billion), Titanic ($2.19 billion) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($2.07 billion).



  • Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back (season premiere) Gordon travels to Congers, N.Y., where he visits a family-owned Italian restaurant called Bella Gianna's that is in desperate need of improvement, but he has only 24 hours to fix both the restaurant and the owner's temper. (FOX)


Alec Baldwin Thinks He Could Beat Trump In An Election -

 An actor who portrays Donald Trump Think He Could Take Him.

Alec Baldwin believes if he ran for president in the 2020 election he would come out victorious. In an interview with Howard Stern, Baldwin said if he entered the race, he would 'one-thousand percent" come out as the winner over Donald Trump.

Of course, Baldwin has made multiple cameos on Saturday Night Live impersonating the president since the 2016 election. He said his campaign for the spot would be a comical and thrilling ride.

Baldwin says he would love to run for the position of president because he believes there are so many common sense things the country needs to do.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


*Netflix - Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown was scheduled to leave Netflix on June 16th, but after the host’s sudden death last week, fans will be able to continue to watch all eight seasons for a while longer. On Tuesday, Netflix announced that it has extended the agreement for the travel show to remain on the streaming service.




Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, actors/moguls (32)

Kat Dennings, Two Broke Girls star (32)

Chris Evans, Captain America star (37)

Steve-O, Jackass jokester (44)

Rivers Cuomo, Weezer frontman (48)

Ally Sheedy, Breakfast Club actress (56)

Tim Allen, actor (65)

Malcolm McDowell, actor (75)

Siegfried Fischbacher, Seigfried and Roy magician (79)


Angelina Jolie Could Lose Primary Custody of Kids If Brad Pitt Isn't Allowed Access: Report

 The court said that the kids “are safe with their father..."

• Pitt will have physical custody of the minor children (all but Maddox) for four hours a day from June 8 to 17 in London

• Pitt must spend time with each child at least twice during the 10-day period with one of the psychologists present

• Jolie must provide Pitt with “each of the minor children’s personal cellphone numbers so that [he] may text them,” She cannot monitor the texts.


Nick Jonas: The singer and Quantico star Priyanka Chopra were caught dinning at a members-only club.

Ariana Grande: There's word that her engagement ring from Pete Davidson cost nearly $100,000.

LeBron James Jr.: The are rumors that the NBA superstar's son has "committed" to attending Sierra Canyon High in the Los Angeles suburb of Chatsworth, leaving some to speculate LeBron will join the Lakers.

Jim Acosta: Trump's campaign manager is calling for his suspension after the CNN reporter asked a question during signing of Donald Trump and King Jong-un's historic agreement.

Capitals parade: Washington, D.C.'s NHL team celebrated their first Stanley Cup victory on Tuesday.

Warriors parade: Golden State celebrated another NBA Championship Tuesday in Oakland, California.

Greg Hardy: The former NFL player got his first pro win in the UFC with a knockout in 57 seconds.

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