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Partly cloudy today the high is 95, I hear the record is 96


*Cardinal great Red Schoendienst passed away at the age of 95.  Schoendienst was born in Germantown Illinois & was one of seven kids. In 1939 an eye injury forced him to become a switch-hitter batting left-handed.  In 1945 join the Cardinals in the big leagues, he also spent time as manager. He was part of 5 World Series wins & joined the the Baseball Hall of Fame and St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum.  Schoendienst was the oldest living Baseball Hall of Famer at the time of his death.



Death Toll Rises In Guatemala Volcano Eruption -

 The death toll is climbing from the violent volcano eruption in Guatemala.

Officials said the Fuego volcano has claimed at least 99 lives. Search crews were also looking for about 200 people who went missing when rock, toxic gas and ash pummeled villages last weekend. The death toll could still rise.

Thousands of people have been evacuated from the area. Rescuers are prepared to flee should there be more activity. Seismologists warn that new volcanic flows on the western slope are happening now. 

Source: Washington Post

Poll: Most Americans Credit Trump For Good Economy -

 A new poll shows an upside and downside to Sonald Trump’s leadership.

The good news is, six-in10 people credit him for the improving economy and his approval rating ticked up to 44-percent. Now let’s talk about the bad news for Republicans.

President Trump's tariffs and other policies could hurt Republican candidates in November. The NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll says 31-percent of registered voters are "very uncomfortable" with backing a candidate who supports Trump's tariffs. Twenty-percent said they would have reservations about those candidates.

Then there’s this; by a huge 25 point margin, voters say they’re more likely to vote for a congressional candidate who keeps the president in check. 53-percent say they’re less likely to support a candidate who sides with Trump on most issues. 

Source: NBC News

North Carolina Bill Wants To Ban “Milk” From Being Used On Plant Based Product Labels - Unless it comes from a mammal, it isn’t milk.

North Carolina’s NC Farm Act of 2018 is flagging companies for using the word milk inappropriately. If the law, which would ban the use of the word for products now called soy mik almond milk, etc., passes a lot of companies are going to have to rename their products.

According to state senator Brent Jackson, the move is in step with the international community. “The vast majority of the countries around the world already do not allow plant-based drinks to be labeled ‘milk’, and labeling plant-based liquids ‘milk’ is confusing to consumers. The products are fine, but they need to be properly labeled so the public understands what they’re buying.”

The European Union made the move last year. 

Source: Charlotte Stories

Despite Constant Reminders, Children Are Still Dying In Hot Cars - 

Officials want you to look before you lock.

The death toll from children being left in hot cars this year is already at nine, even though Summer hasn't even officially started. That's according to a new report from the National Safety Council, which also found that on average, 37 children die from heat-related causes in cars every year.

Since children's bodies heat up much faster than adults', leaving a child unattended for just ten minutes during the day can end in tragedy. According to researchers, children's internal organs begin to shut down once their core body temperature reaches 104 degrees. On an 86-degree day it would take only about 10 minutes for the inside of a car to reach a dangerous 105 degrees.

There are laws in 21 states in place to protect children from being left unattended in cars.

Source: ABC News

GOP Leaders To Meet About Immigration Legislation -

 Immigration is the priority before GOP House members recess for the summer.

Republican leaders in the House will meet today to see if they can come up with a compromise on immigration legislation. The challenge is the need to craft a bill that satisfies conservatives who want to crack down on illegal immigration and moderates who want to protect young people brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

Today's main targets are moderate Republicans who have been working with Democrats to force votes on bills that would protect the so-called Dreamers from being deported. The moderate’s final proposal last night included a path to citizenship for DACA recipients after 10 years and an immediate end to the diversity lottery and paring back the family members eligible to come to the U.S. through the family reunification program by eliminating eligibility of adult children.

Conservatives shot it down over the special pathway to citizenship. 

Source: NBC News

Judge Rules Against Blocking Grants From Sanctuary Cities -

 Trump takes a loss in battle against sanctuary cities.

A federal judge is ruling against the Trump administration's efforts to withhold law enforcement grants from sanctuary cities. This particular case involved Philadelphia, which argued that withholding grants because of local policy toward cooperating with immigration authorities was a violation of law.

Yesterday's ruling echoes a previous ruling that found withholding the grants would cause irreparable damage to local law enforcement. Judge Michael Baylson said there was no evidence that immigrants contribute to higher crime rates and that Philadelphia doesn't provide sanctuary for people involved in criminal conduct.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney reacted to the ruling, saying a “White House run by a bully” can’t bully the city into changing its policies.

The Justice Department has tried to use withholding funds as a way to force cities to cooperate federal officials.

Source: CBS Philadelphia

Mueller Team Looks Over Witnesses Phones 

The Russia investigation team is asking witnesses to turn over their personal phones to check whether they've had contact with subjects of the probe.

CNBC reports that out of fear of subpoenas, the witnesses have been cooperative since Special Counsel Robert Mueller [[ MULL-er ]] started making the requests in April. Investigators are looking for conversations on encrypted messaging apps like WhatsApp and Confide. The news comes days after it was revealed that former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort may have tried to tamper with witnesses.

Fox News host Sean Hannity had advice for the witnesses. "If I advised them to follow Hillary Clinton’s lead, delete all your emails and then acid-wash your emails and hard drives on the phones, then take your phones and bash them with a hammer to little itsy bitsy pieces, use BleachBit, remove the sim cards and then take the pieces and hand them over to Robert Mueller."

Source: The Hill


*Marlins beat the Cards 11-3, we play them again today

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