TRENDIN' David Spade mourns sister-in-law Kate Spade

David Spade shared photos of his sister-in-law Kate Spade on his Twitter and Instagram pages. The designer and businesswoman was found dead in her home after an apparent suicide. He said, “I still can’t believe it. It’s a rough world out there people, try to hang on.” 


The Property Brothers Are Writing A Children’s Book - 

Drew and Jonathan Scott are stepping into the world of kids.

The HGTV stars are leasing a children’s book, their first. “Builder Brothers: Bigger Plans” is about brothers who set out to build a double decker dog house for their puppy.

The Scott brothers have already had best sellers. Dream Home” is a renovation guide and “It Takes Two” is their memoir. There’s a bonus with the kid’s book, due out October 2; it includes an original DIY project that the whole family can do together. 

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The oldest-living munchkin from The Wizard of Oz has died. Jerry Maren, who appeared in the classic movie as one of the members of the Lollipop Guild, passed away last week in San Diego. He was 98.

TMZ reports that Maren had been suffering from dementia and was living at a nursing care facility. His funeral was held last weekend at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood. There were rumors two years ago that Maren had died from pancreatic cancer, but they were not true. 

Talk About It:

  • If you're picturing the Lollipop Guild, he was the one in the middle.
  • He was 19 at the time the movie was released.
  • 99-year-old Caren Marsh Doll, who was Judy Garland's stand-in, is still alive.


*The CMT Music Awards airs live from Nashville tonight with hosts Little Big Town.

*It's National Yo-Yo Day and Global Running Day.

*The YMCA is celebrating its 174th anniversary today


Jared Leto: His Joker character from Suicide Squad is getting his own movie.

Kelly Sadler: The White House communications aide who made insensitive comments about Senator John McCain's brain cancer, has left the White House.

Miss America: The contest is dumping the swimsuit part of the pageant.

Jeff Sessions: Donald Trump is blaming the attorney general for the "Russian witch hunt hoax."

Khloe Kardashian: She shared videos on Instagram of her daughter, True Thompson, sporting a pink tutu.

#SDLive: Fans are reacting to the latest episode of the WWE's SmackDown Live.

Newsom: California's lieutenant governor, with the first name of Gavin, won the state's primary and will face Republican John Cox in November.


The Kansas City Star published an email from Kate Spade’s older sister. She detailed how the iconic fashion designer suffered “debilitating mental illness for the last three or four years and was self-medicating with alcohol.”

Reta Saffo wrote that Spade’s suicide by hanging “was not unexpected by me.” Four years ago, the sisters were together on the day of Robin Williams’ death (quote) “She kept watching [news reports] over and over. I think the plan was already in motion even as far back as then."

The family attempted an intervention convincing Spade to seek treatment for bipolar disorder at the same place Catherine Zeta-Jones went. Spade balked because she feared hospitalization could hurt her “happy-go-lucky” brand (quote) “She was definitely worried about what people would say.”

Reta Saffo said she finally gave up “after numerous attempts, I finally let go. Sometimes you simply cannot SAVE people from themselves!”

TMZ reports that her husband, Andy Spade, had moved out and a divorce was imminent. 


“Willy Wonka” Prequel May Star Donald Glover - 

Donald Glover may be heading to the chocolate factory, but he’s got competition to get past first.

He is reportedly up for the role of Willy Wonka in an upcoming "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" prequel. The full list of celebrities also said to be vying for the role include Ezra Miller and Ryan Gosling. Willy Wonka was originated by Gene Wilder and is the benchmark. The character was later portrayed by Johnny Depp.

Glover just starred in "Solo: A Star Wars Story," and is also well known for his show, "Atlanta."

Source: Collider

California’s Tax Dodgers List Includes A Lot Of Celebs 

Big name celebs owe big bucks to the state of California. The state’s California Franchise Tax Board has released a list of 500 people described as "tax delinquents." Reality star and star of the TV show "90210" Tori Spellingreportedly owes around 280-thousand dollars in back taxes. Actor and comedian Chris Tucker is said to owe the state over a million bucks, but he's not at the top of the list.

A producer of the latest version of the film "Jumanji" is on the list, which says he owes the state 20-million dollars. 

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