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*Scattered thunderstorms are possible high 84


*There was a water main break that happened in St. Louis County 

*Downtown Maplewood will be losing their "Shop ‘n Save" supermarket in a few weeks.  The store’s parent company, which is based in Minnesota, says the store’s lease will not be renewed.


Rare Rembrandt Painting Discovered - A Dutch art dealer has discovered a painting by Rembrandt that hasn't been seen in about 400 years.

The portrait of a well-dressed young man was presented this week as the first rare Rembrandt painting to surface since 1974. It will be on display at a museum in Amsterdam for one month. Art dealer Jan Six found the painting at a London auction and bought it for 185-thousand dollars. To give you an idea of what Six may make on the find; in 2009, a Rembrandt painting sold for 33-million dollars.

Source: Reuters 

Donald Trump has come clean on the $100,000 debt that he repaid to his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, last year. Yet the financial disclosure on Wednesday also raises questions that he wrongly left out the transaction in a sworn filing last year.

Released by the Office of Government Ethics, the disclosure didn't spell out exactly what the payment was for, but it's been widely reported that Cohen paid $130,000 to porn star Stormy Daniels, who claims she had a sexual encounter with Trump and was given the hush money just before the 2016 election.

According to a footnote in the filing, Trump reimbursed Cohen between $101,001 and $250,000 last year, but that information was left out of 2017's financial disclosure form. In a letter to the Justice Department on Wednesday, the Office of Government Ethics said that payment "is required to be reported as a liability." (The New York Times)

Net Neutrality Faces Two Big Hurdles - 

A measure protecting net neutrality is headed to the House after passage by the Senate yesterday.

The vote was 52-47. The Democratic resolution would reverse the FCC's repeal of Obama-era net neutrality rules that prevent Internet service providers from slowing or blocking content on selected websites. Under the new rules, providers would be allowed to open fast lanes to websites that pay them.

The Democratic measure faces a very steep climb in the House. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said net neutrality keeps the Internet accessible and affordable for all Americans. Mississippi Republican Roger Wicker argued that net neutrality resulted in heavy-handed government regulation that stifled innovation.

The odds of President Trump signing the law are slim, instead the endgame is for voters to have the final say in the midterm elections.

Source: The Verge

Cambridge Analytica Details Voter Suppression Wishes

The whistleblower who revealed how Cambridge Analytica misused Facebook data claims the firm tried to suppress voting in the 2016 election.

Former employee Christopher Wylie told the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday the company offered services to discourage voting from targeted groups of the American population. Wylie said it was his understanding that President Trump's former top political advisor Steve Bannon wanted to suppress voting by certain individuals. After the hearing, Wylie told Congress that African-Americans were targets of Cambridge Analytica's voter suppression tactics.

Wylie noted that Bannon wanted weapons to fight a culture war that would change politics. 

Source: CBS News


The Cards beat the Twins yesterday 7-5, they play the Phillies today and it's "Soccer Night" at the game, With the purchase of a special Theme Ticket, you will receive a unique St. Louis Cardinals soccer jersey.

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