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*Cloudy this morning with thunderstorms possible this afternoon, high 82


*A women was caught by someone's camera on their house stealing packages off of people's front porch in Kirkwood! See a video of her CLICK HERE!

*CONGRATS to Rams legend Kurt Warners, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend, I LOVED Brenda's hair!


*North Korea is slamming a new round of UN-imposed sanctions over its nuclear program and is threatening "thousands-fold" revenge on the United States.  The United Nations Security Council approved the sanctions drafted by the U.S. which includes a $1 billion ban on exports to the isolated country. 

(USA Today)

*At least 30 people were injured yesterday (Sunday) when a rare August tornado in Oklahoma slammed parts of Tulsa and caused widespread damage.  Officials say most of the injuries are minor. Thousands were left without power and multiple businesses in the center of the city were damaged. 

 (NBC News

*Six young girls from Mechanicsville, Virginia got their Junior League softball team disqualified from a national tournament by putting their middle fingers up in a photo one of them posted to Snapchat with the caption “watch out host.” 

The Atlee team of 12-to-14-year-olds won a Junior League World Series game in Kirkland, Washington, Friday by a score of one to nothing. Saturday, after the photo was posted, they were disqualified from the tournament for violating “policies regarding unsportsmanlike conduct.”

While the team issued a lengthy apology, coach Chris Mardigian called the surly gestures a retaliation to "harassment” by members of the losing Kirkland team. And, in fact, a player and coach on Kirkland were ejected after being caught stealing and relaying Atlee’s signals. 

Sessions’ Deputy AG Is Not In Step With Punishing Journalists For Leaks-

It seems even the Justice Department can’t stick with a united message.

Reporters who publish leaked information likely won't face federal prosecution. That word from the number-two person at the Justice Department. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein tells "Fox News Sunday" anyone caught spilling white House secrets will be fair game. Rosenstein says "we're after leakers, not the journalists." And, he added, "We're after the people who are committing crimes. We don't prosecute journalists for doing their jobs."

The deputy AG also noted "Generally speaking, reporters who publish information are not committing a crime," Rosenstein said. "There might be a circumstance where they do. You know, I've not seen any of those to date, but I wouldn't rule it out"Rosenstein's comments differ from remarks by Attorney General Jeff Sessions that reporters could become a new target in the Trump administration's war on leakers.

Source: CNN

Boy Scouts Die In Boat-Powerline Accident -

Two boy scouts are dead and another is in the hospital after their boat crashed into a power line in East Texas.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said those on board the Hobiecat Catamaran at Lake O' the Pines on Saturday, were likely electrocuted after crashing into an overhead transmission power line. The boat burst into flames and the 16-year-old and 18-year-old scouts were found dead in the water. The unresponsive 11-year-old was helped by good Samaritans who brought him onto their vessel and performed CPR. The boy was airlifted to LSU Medical Center-Shreveport where he's in critical condition.

Source: Houston Chronicle


Cards kicked the Reds butt yesterday 13-4, they lost to them on Friday, won on Saturday and then kicked major butt yesterday!  They play the Royals starting today!

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