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*CONGRATS to the new Miss Teen USA 2017, it's Miss Missouri!  Her name is Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff she's from Kansas City, Missouri and she's 17 years old.


*There was a rally yesterday with the transgender community in St. Louis in response to President Trump's ban of transgender people in the military.  One of the attendees spoke with Channel 4 and said they wanted to show solidarity to everyone suffering as a result of this discrimination and people's civil rights being taken away.



Police Chiefs Step Back At Trump’s Suggestion Of Using More Force-

Police chiefs are distancing themselves from President Trump's suggestion to police officers that they rough up suspects.

Trump told police cadets in Suffolk County, New York last week not to "be too nice" when they "throw thugs into the back of a paddy wagon." He also said "I've met police that are great police that aren't allowed to do their job because they have a pathetic mayor or a mayor doesn't know what's going on."

The Suffolk County Police Department said it does not "and will not tolerate roughing up of prisoners." New York City's police commissioner said in a statement over the weekend that Trump's words were "reckless."

The International Association of Chiefs of Police said officers are trained to treat everyone, including suspects and defendants, "with respect and dignity."

Source: NBC News

*Deputies say 12 inmates escaped the Walker County Jail in Alabama on Sunday.  Eleven of them have already been recaptured but one remains at large.  


*Russian President Vladimir Putin has struck back against new U.S. sanctions. On Sunday, he announced that the American diplomatic mission in Russian would have to reduce its ranks by 755 staffers.

In a clip shown on the state-run Rossiya 1 television transcribed by the Interfax news agency, Putin said, "Over 1,000 employees -- diplomats and technical workers -- worked and continue to work in Russia; 755 will have to stop this activity."

Putin added that he had lost his patience waiting for U.S.-Russia relations to improve. He said, "We waited for quite some time that maybe something will change for the better, had such hope that the situation will somehow change, but, judging by everything, if it changes, it will not be soon." 

(The New York Times)

*The U.S. responded to North Korea's latest missile test by showing off some of its own military might.

After North Korea launched on Friday a missile capable of reaching the U.S. mainland, the U.S. responded with flying two supersonic B-1 bombers over the Korean Peninsula on Sunday as part of a joint exercise with South Korea and Japan. American forces also held their own successful missile defense test over the Pacific Ocean. According to reports, the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System successfully identified, followed and intercepted a medium-range ballistic missile that was launched from Alaska.

The latest military posturing comes as the U.S. is losing patience with China's unwillingness to put more pressure on North Korea's dictator Kim Jong Un.

Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, retweeted a photo of the U.S. bombers flying over the Korean Peninsula, and said, "China must decide whether it is finally willing to take this vital step. The time for talk is over." 

(The Washington Post)


*The Cards beat the Diamondbacks 3-2,

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