TRENDIN' Angelina Jolie talks about Bell's Palsy diagnosis


Yesterday, a jury awarded Quincy Jones $9 million from the estate of Michael Jackson.

The music producer sued for under payment of royalties. He accused the estate of cheating him out of lucrative deals, including two Cirque du Soleil shows choreographed to Jackson’s music.

Quincy’s lawsuit demanded $30 million. The jury listened to testimony for three weeks and gave him a third. In a statement, Quincy said, (quote) “I am very grateful that the jury decided in our favor. I view it not only as a victory for myself personally, but for artists’ rights overall.”

Quincy Jones produced three Michael Jackson albums in the '80s: Off the Wall, Thrillerand Bad. Royalty payments still arrive to Quincy’s bank account. Since Jackson’s untimely death, and even before the lawsuit, Quincy earned royalties from Jackson’s music to the tune of $18 million. 



*Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend Stella Maxwell surprised a lesbian couple when they crashed their wedding reception Saturday. The two stars joined the guests in drinking and dancing at Winnipeg's Pizzeria Gusto. (Gossip Cop)

*Jon Stewart will return to TV with his first HBO special in 20 years. The former Daily Show host says, “I’m really thrilled to be able to return to stand-up on HBO. They’ve always set the standard for great stand-up specials. Plus, I can finally use up the last of the Saddam Hussein jokes left over from my first special.”

*Warwick Davis, who played an ewok in Return of the Jedi, has joined the cast for the upcoming Han Solo movie. Ron Howard also directed him in Willow.


Justin Trudeau: The Canadian prime minister is on the cover of Rolling Stone with the provocative headline, "What can't he be our president?"

Michelle Obama: She's talking about the racist attacks she was subject to as first lady.

Lisa Murkowski: The senator was attacked by Donald Trump on Twitter for voting against the Obamacare repeal.

#QueenSugar: The show filmed its season two finale Wednesday and announced it will be back for a third season.

#USAvsJAM: The American soccer squad beat Jamaica 2-1 Wednesday to take the Gold Cup.

June Foray: The voice of Rocky the Flying Squirrel died at the age of 99.


*Angelina a did an interview with Vanity Fair magazine and she's opening up about about her health, she's saying this past year she's struggled with "Bell's Palsy" which is a form of temporary facial paralysis caused by damage or trauma to the facial nerves, it basically caused one of her face to look droopy.  She also said she has hypertension.  She's been thru a lot health-wise she had a double mastectomy, a hysterectomy.  She says the Bell's Palsy is gone now and she cured that thru acupuncture.


What Is Bell’s Palsy?-

The condition that Angelina Jolie announced she overcame is usually temporary.

Imagine being fine one moment and the next, one side of your face is paralyzed. That is Bell’s Palsy. People, mostly women, between ages 15 and 40 are the typical target victims of the affliction.

No one is sure exactly what causes the palsy, but many doctors believe it’s viral. It’s defined as a facial weakness without an identifiable cause. Though it normally only happens on one side of the face, it can affect both.

While most people fully recover, a few don’t. Typical treatment includes steroids and anti-viral medications. For more about Bell’s Palsy, head to the website of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.Source: Today


*Is Sean Spicer going to be on Dancing with the Stars?  So he's no longer the White House press secretary.  I just always picture Melissa McCarthy doing an impersonation of him on Saturday Night Live!  The rumor is DWTS is courting him.  This wouldn't be something new... Rick Perry, who was appointed as United States Secretary of Energy, was on Season 23 of DWTS & he danced with pro Emma Slater.




Taylor Schilling, OITNB star (33)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, actor (40)

Alex Rodriguez, MLB player (42)

Maya Rudolph, actress (45)

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Jaime on Game of Thrones (47)

Bobbie Gentry, country singer (74)

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